Why Entrepreneurship is NOT a Short Sprint or Marathon

Business is more exciting than any games.

Some people think running a business is like a “Sprint”…

They run fast move fast and then they think…

This is how they will win the game of business.

Absolutely NOT!

Some people think business is like a “Relay Race”…

They can just handover things from one person to another person.

They can take a rest.

Again – WRONG.

Some people think that business is like a “Marathon”…

You keep running and running and running until you reach your goal.


The game of business is like running and running and until you die.

Business Man, The Entrepreneurs, We know its an never ending game.

Its an infinite game.

If you’re entering a business with a short quick race in mind or a relay race in mind or even marathon in mind…

Guess what?

You will just go on for a few years and then give up.

Why? Because of the mindset of running the business like a short race or marathon.

If you are getting into a business, it is not important who is ahead of you when you start.

What’s important is, who continues to stay ahead of you.

The chances are, you will stay head of everyone if you just continue running.

Because you know it is just an infinite game!

Most of the people will think its a “Marathon” and they will take rest and they will stop…

Guess what? They will be miles and miles behind you because you will never stop.

You’ll continue to run because your mindset is of an infinite runner.

While you’re running, this should NOT be by force. This should be by choice.

Don’t run the infinite race because somebody like Dev Gadhvi is telling you to do.

Run because you want to!

Run because this is the only thing that you like doing!

Run because you have a purpose, a mission and a cause that you stand for!

That’s how you become successful in business.

Focus on being an infinite runner versus a sprint or a marathon runner!

And if you’re serious in learning about the business sport…

We have the infinite runner mentors, like Dan Lok, Evan Carmichael and Ron Malhotra coming LIVE together for the first time at Passionpreneur Summit 2020.

Click HERE to find out more details.

To your success,

Dev Gadhvi

Founder and CEO of India’s First Passionpreneur Mastermind

Co-Founder of 1 Crore Coach

Twice #1 Best Selling Author

TEDx and JoshTalks Speaker

Highly Paid Indian Influencer


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