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Dev Gadhvi Biography

The Journey from Mediocrity to a Multi-Millionaire!

Recently, a friend of mine Manoj Agarwal interviewed me about my transformational journey, my success, my impact, and how I …


Rs. 8.35 Crore ($1 Mil) in 90 Days….Are you serious?

I remember my 9to5 life in the year 2017, working for whole year to make Rs. 36 Lakhs… When I …


Why Entrepreneurship is NOT a Short Sprint or Marathon

Business is more exciting than any games. Some people think running a business is like a “Sprint”… They run fast …


No Money in Training and Coaching

I heard this when I was starting my business an a Mentor. They said that there is no money in …


Do You Choose Clients or Clients Choose You?

In a large hall of a 5 Star Hotel Conference Hall, 100+ participants sitting and listening to the speaker. “So, …


Don’t Get into Business if….

Don’t get into the business when you are desperate for money. One day I got a message saying, “Dev, I really …