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What is Automated Business Process?

Business process automation (BPA) is the use of technology to automate business operations and end-to-end processes in an organisation. Some ...

How to Do Market Research For a Startup in India

So you have come up with a fantastic idea for your product or service. Believing in your idea and having ...

The 10 Essential Competencies of a Successful Entrepreneur

What are Entrepreneurial Competencies? Entrepreneurial competencies refer to the necessary abilities and conduct required to establish, develop, manage, and expand ...

How to Manage Finances in a Small Business

I. Importance of Financial Management for Small Business Owners While most business owners are experts in their line of business ...

12 Essential Technical Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Have

What are Technical Skills? Technical skills are hard skills that are gained by using digital tools and software. Entrepreneurs must ...
how to make money using chatgpt

10 Ways to Make Money Using ChatGPT

Are you looking for ways to earn passive income without putting in too much effort? Artificial intelligence and chatbots have ...


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