The Realization
of Mediocrity

Tuesday morning, April 2018—I’m 36 and want to quit my company job. I have a house, a car, an office, and good pay—but I’ve recently woken up to the disturbing realization that despite all these accomplishments, I’ve lived my entire adult life with a mediocre mindset.

My Goals, AIM, AND ACTIONS Have All Been Too Low

“This nine-to-five life sucks. I don’t want to be a mediocre guy, a corporate zombie who is not working on my dream,”

I think to myself as I head for work.

“I want to quit my job and become a mentor to those who also want to follow their passions.”

But doubtful and fearful thoughts plague me.

What if my passion doesn’t work out?

What if people don’t believe in me?

What if I fail and people laugh at me?
I have a wife and a young daughter.

What if I fail them?

These insecurities surprise me. I’m a successful salesperson for a good company and the pride of our CEO because of the $300K deals I’ve closed. These are significant accomplishments considering my humble beginnings.

I Grew Up In A Small Town In India,
In A Neighborhood Full Of POVERTY,

My father was a hard-working, humble truck driver, a lovely, caring man who often gave away the little money we had to help somebody needier than us. One day, when I was begging to go with him on one of his long trips, he took hold of my shoulders and said,

No, son, stay home and study hard so that you don’t have to do what I’m doing today.

His words made a deep impression on me.

My mother was a maid and servant before she had children. She once worked for a rich man who sent his children to expensive English-medium schools. Seeing this, she decided that someday she would find a way to send her kids to the same schools as the rich.

When my brother and I were school age, she decided to take out loans in order to pay for us to go to the expensive schools. All her relatives told her, “Don’t! You will be broke and not have money left over for food!”

She didn’t listen. And then, when she took us to get admitted to the school, she was not let in the school’s gates because she was in old, ragged clothes. My mother stood there under the scorching sun, holding my brother’s and my hands for an hour until they finally let her in.

She had vision and determination.



Strong parents raised me, and because of them, I got out of poverty. But now, to elevate my life to levels even they could not imagine, I need to find the courage to quit my job. I need to believe in my vision of becoming successful at my passion for coaching…

But I keep thinking, “What if it doesn’t work out?”

And then a new thought comes:
“What’s the worst that could happen?

We have to give up a good house and a nice car. Maybe live with my mom for a while. That’s about it.”

This single thought unleashes great strength and a deep motivation in me!

I turn on a video camera and speak into it.

“I’m going to do it, and I am going to make it! No matter what! Watch me!”

“I’m going to do it, and I am going to make it! No matter what! Watch me!”

The Next Day, I Quit My Corporate 9-5 And
Go To Work Full-time On My Dream,
April 2018.

I have bills to pay, hardly any savings, and many obstacles to overcome. But I wake up every day and go to work on my dream.
I go to a new level of focus, diligence, and daring.

By August 2020, I become the first millionaire in the family, a TEDx and JoshTalks speaker, a best-selling author (twice), and known to many as India’s first Passionpreneur Mentor—me, who lived way too long with my goals, aim, and actions too low.

Looking back on my own “passionpreneur journey”,
I can see that the hardest thing I overcame was my limiting beliefs.
As a 9-5 employee, I didn’t think I had what it took to be a successful entrepreneur. And I had a mediocre mindset. To see my tremendous potential, I had to learn a whole new mindset.

Upgrading My Thinking Is The
Greatest Gift I Gave To Myself.

Today I am on a mission to help 1 billion people do the same—overcome a mediocre mindset and experience their extraordinary potential. I catalyze people to quit their 9-5 and mentor them to build their business around their passion.


We’re Building a Universe of Crazy-Passionate People Who’re Changing the World for Good Through Unconventional Wisdom and Becoming Legends!


Transform 1 Billion Lives By Enabling Them To Find Their Passion And Build A Business Around It!

Our VAlues


Integrity & Innovation

We always aim to do the right thing. We exist to serve you first and foremost. That’s why we always act with the utmost integrity. It is because we exist to serve you that we also strive to innovate. We’re proactive
in finding solutions and thinking of new ideas to
help transform your life.


We’re here to support you in whatever it is you might be going through. Compassion is essential for transformation.

Agility & Adaptability

Our company is growing at a rapid rate. Because of that, it’s essential for us to be agile and adaptable for ourselves but, most importantly, to give the best to our clients.


It doesn’t matter how hard you’re working. What matters is the results you’re able to achieve. It’s our mission to transform lives. To do that, we need to be results driven.

Extreme Ownership

We don’t believe in excuses. We believe in results. When results don’t happen, we take accountability to fix the problem and help you reach your goal.


Dev Gadhvi is India’s #1 Passionpreneur Mentor. It’s his mission to transform 1 billion lives by enabling them to find their passion and build a business around it.

As someone who came from poverty and went on to become his family’s first millionaire, Dev believes that our greatest enemy is not our circumstances but our own limiting beliefs about ourselves.

It’s because of this that Dev has developed programs that specifically help professionals conquer their biggest fears and…

Quit their 9 to 5 and launch a business around their passion.

Scale their business to new heights.

Transform their lives from the inside out.

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