What is Success?

For some people, success is earning lots of money, car, luxury vacation, etc

For some, it is a feeling of being happy and joyful.

So, Success = Joy!

Recently, I saw one article of a millionaire doctor who was dying of cancer. He said that no money or materialist things can give you joy.

Wait a minute, if money cannot bring you joy then what else can?

Right from childhood, we have been told that a person who has a house, car, good income, etc. is the only successful person, isn’t it?

That is why we all chose to chase money blindly and once we reach a point where we have it all, then we realize that our definition of success was completely wrong.

Materialist things = Materialist Success = Temporary joy!

“Success is not what you see but what you feel” – Dev Gadhvi #6SundaysAWeek

Ok, so how would you feel successful?

1.      Freedom – True success is having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want, however you want, with whomever you want!

For instance, living a 6 Sundays A Week Life. Now, are there not people who are happy while in 9to5 having less freedom?

The answer is yes, read the next point!

2.      Growth and Contribution – When you are able to grow as an individual and you are also able to contribute to others, you will feel happy. That is a success but it is something you need to sustain.

Some people start their career and love it for the first few years, as I did, then the time comes where they realize that they are not growing enough, they are not contributing enough despite having amazing potential, this is where the shift happens and they quit their job and start building their business to do more in life.

Of course, there are some people who quit their jobs just to make money and they buy into the cute saying “Be your own boss” but soon they realize that the reason they started the business was not clear, in other words, their WHY was not clear hence they struggle to get the business running and their business fails within the first 5 years

What stage are you at:

Young Age:

If you are young, the chances are you too are chasing the money blindly thinking that is the ultimate success. While money is highly important and everyone should make tons of it but do not chase money blindly. Become a better version of yourself every day, find your mission and passion, contribute to others a lot. I suggest you read my book 80%Mindset 20%Skills to learn the most. You will love it if this is your first personal development book.


If you are in your mid-life, the chances are that you have made good money, have decent lifestyle along with the family, you have grown in your career but there is something missing, isn’t it?

That missing link is you have reached the glass ceiling in your money chasing game. It is time to find your real purpose in life and help others as well. You are at the right place at the right time but you are yet to become the right person to achieve success in terms of FREEDOM, GROWTH & CONTRIBUTION.

For you, I suggest you attend my webinar called “Build Business Around Passion”. Leave a comment below!

Senior years:

If you are in your senior years, you have made good money, done your family duty well but your health may not be so great. You realize how fast the time is running out. More than 5 decades have just flown away. Now, you are worried that when you are on your deathbed, what if you have a regret – “I wish I would have done that while I was young”.

My suggestion to you is – Time is now, you soon will have time freedom but will you also have the fulfilment and joy of contributing to others and making a difference or will you die being selfish by just taking care of yourself and your family?

I hope this helps you to see things in advance and understand the true meaning of success!

Finish the below statement:

Success to me is…………………………………

Thank you,

Dev Gadhvi


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