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Dev Gadhvi Biography

The Journey from Mediocrity to a Multi-Millionaire!

Recently, a friend of mine Manoj Agarwal interviewed me about my transformational journey, my success, my impact, and how I …


11 Life Lessons….From Slums to 11 Bedroom Home!

From slums to…….11 BHK spacious home! From no money for a proper rented apartment and sharing a small apartment with …


5 Year Journey of Trials, Errors, Learning & Success

As we begin 2020, I looked at the journey of last few years and thought to share some of it… …


Living for Friday? Read this!

Hurray…it is a Friday! This was me before 20 months… I used to wait for the weekends so that I …


What is Success?

For some people, success is earning lots of money, car, luxury vacation, etc For some, it is a feeling of …


Life without an Alarm Clock!

Imagine you waking up without the sound of an alarm clock! Imagine if you no longer have to worry about …