The Journey from Mediocrity to a Multi-Millionaire!

Recently, a friend of mine Manoj Agarwal interviewed me about my transformational journey, my success, my impact, and how I built a PALACE of Passionpreneurs in 3.5 years’ time. 

Here’s what I’ve shared with him about my journey…

And I’ll break down my life into three main chunks:

#1 – A Child from the slums of Gujarat:

The first chunk is my childhood where I come from a small town called Adipur, Gujarat. 

I was born and brought up in a very small place, in fact…I was brought up in the slums of Adipur.

My dad was a truck driver and my mom was a homemaker…and growing up was not easy!

The first 20 years of my life were very difficult, we didn’t have the money, didn’t have the resources 

My parents borrowed the money, took loans, and sold whatever little things they had, just for me and my brother to get an English-Medium education and make it big!

Honestly, I cannot thank them enough for their conviction in those days! 

#2 – The 16-long year working 9-5  

The next phase of my life was for a 16-year period which was typically a 9 to 5 life

I got into a BPO at the beginning, believe me, I even had to struggle to get this job as my English was not so good, not enough for a BPO job! 

It is great right now but back then it was just okay okay. 

So, during those 16 years, I’ve learned a lot of things but also realized that there was something missing… 

Though I was making a few lakhs per month, there was no happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, and most importantly I never had the TIME FREEDOM!

To put it raw, I didn’t have a passion…

#3 – The Beginning of My Passionpreneur Journey:

My actual journey started in the third phase of my life… when I started searching for the meaning of my PURPOSE!

That’s when I met my first mentor Grant Cardone, who gave me a new perspective on “finding yourself 10x the goals – 10x your action!”

My life completely changed after I read his book called The 10x Rule, it just blew my mind and I started developing skills such as sales marketing, branding, book writing, etc, which eventually got me to the third phase of my life…

…enabling me to transform so many other lives who experienced whatever I did too…

“Impacting thousands of lives, writing a couple of books, traveling the world, becoming a multi-millionaire in just 3.5 years…”

I still cannot believe that I achieved all this…

It’s still a dream for me and I’m still trying to make myself realize that “Yes! It is possible to follow the passion” and impacting lives is something that I really live for every single day!

It’s just awesome!

And Manoj has asked me a lot more questions about my journey, including questions like…

  • Was there any particular trigger that sort of prompted you to take some action reaching out to people like Grant Cardone? 
  • What was happening in your life? 
  • What triggered the burning desire for you to take more action than most people do?
  • How was PASSIONPRENEUR born?
  • How much did you actually earn in these 3.5 years?

And so much more!

Want to find out my answers?

Find out in the video below:


If you want to learn the exact 7 steps blueprint of how I went from being in a 9-5 job to finding my passion and building a business around it…

Click here to find out how!


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