Work From Beach

Imagine being able to work from a beach!

No traffic

No boss

No time wasting activity

I have been living this life for most than 2 years, travelling the world and yet made crores doing what I love doing?

You must be wondering, how did I quit my 16 year long career and became my own boss working from anywhere I want?

followed few steps that can be followed by anyone to become a coach or mentor and work from anywhere:

Step 1: Self Mastery!

Master your thoughts because….

Thoughts leads to Feelings

Feelings lead to Action

Action leads to Results

Results leads to Feelings

and circle continues…

Then, learn more about what are you passionate about and how that passion can add value to others

Step 2: Getting Known!

No one can buy from you if they do not know you. Find a way to get known.

Step 3: Building products and services that can make you money!

Today, you do not need money to make money. All you need is your knowledge and skills that can be used to solve specific problems and make money.

Example – Write a book, Create a video course, become a consultant etc.

Step 4: Create a funnel!

If you are not able to have predictable results then you will have a painful journey as a coach and a mentor. Learn to build funnels and create income consistently

Step 5: Learn to close!

Imagine there are hundreds of people who you can talk to for your program or products but you are not able to close them?

What is the point of having all the work done. Closing is different than selling. Learn to close!

Step 6: Automate the process!

Imagine, you have to work everyday without a break even from home?

What is the point of becoming your own boss then. Find a way to use the systems that can automate most of the process and enjoy your 6 Sundays A Week Life!

Step 7: Scale it using people, system and process!

I would love to go in detail and explain each step to you but unfortunately it is difficult to do that on an email.

I hope you have registered for the upcoming online masterclass called – 1 Crore Coach where I will be sharing all the secrets in detail

This is on 22nd March from 10 am to 4pm IST. No one is doing such long masterclass in India

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Our past students have been able to quit their jobs and have built their business around passion as coaches and mentors

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I will see you live!

Dev Gadhvi,

India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor, 1 Crore Coach

TEDx and JoshTalks Speaker

#1 Best Selling Author

Highly Paid Indian Influencer


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