We help 9 to 5 professionals build a business
around their passion that gives them a

6 Sundays A Week life.

And within 6 months I was able to
generate lakhs from my passion!

I was working as an architect for 10+ years. Architecture is my passion, but throughout the years, I felt there’s always something missing, and I was often feeling frustrated and the emptiness within myself.

After joining Passionpreneur Mastermind, I found the missing link! I found my micro niche, passion, purpose,
mission and passion!

Shruti Deshpande


I generated over 10 Lakhs within the last
9 months!

I was working in a job for a long time and have always wanted to start my own business. But I always felt lost and not knowing how to do it!

Within 1 year of learning from Dev Gadhvi, I was able to completely replace my job income from my passion!

I’ve started my own marketing agency to help entrepreneurs to grow their sales and revenue!

Ayush Poddar

Group Product Manager

This book is packed with fuel & fire and hence ignites us

I haven’t come accross such a simple & convincing definition of the word “Vision” as Dev Gadhvi explains it in his book “6 Sundays A week Life, Quit 9to5 & Become a Passionprenuer”.


Amazon Customer

Life Changing Book!!!

It is a framework/buleprint/layout on how to pursue PASSION. The best part is, it illustrates all ups and downs, challenges, & opportunities, best & worst days that one will face in the Passionpreneur Journey.

Prashant Ganti

Group Product Manager

Awesome book to get out of

This is not just a any other self help book, but a step by step approach to how one can live the life of your dreams.


Amazon Customer

Dev made me understand the power of my story and the rest is history.
Somdutta Sarkar
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Dev gave me confidence by his processes.
Vishnu Mohan
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This movement made me realize my true potential and gave me wings to fly.
Siddharth Gaur
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The Passionpreneur journey is an experience that teaches us the way of living.
Anju Choudhary
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Passionpreneur is a holistic approach for the transformation journey
Fatha Khan
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After passionpreneur, I've built a business around passion making 1 crore in 1 year!
Rakesh Rana
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I was into a 9 to 9 job and got into health issues. After Passionpreneur, I love what I do and recovered from health issues!
Sugeeta Madan
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After Passionpreneur, I am earning 10 times more than my job doing what I love. My relationship with family also went to the next level.
Umesh Emmadishetty
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Quit 9-5 & Made 1 Crore
in 18 Months

Before PPMM:

After PPMM:



Quit 9-5 & Made 1 Crore+
in 18 Months

Before PPMM:

After PPMM:



Making 1 Crore within 18 Months!

I went from working in a job for 18 years, not feeling fulfilled in my career to making 1 Crore within just 18 months helping over 1000+ mid-career professionals to grow!

Raakesh Rana

Founder & CEO at Raahi International

Quit 9-5 & Made 45+ lakhs
From Passion in 7 Months

Before PPMM:

After PPMM:



After joining Passionpreneur Mastermind,
I found my passion in digital marketing!

I was working in an IT job for 7 years. Every day I was working 12 hours making Rs. 1.2 lakh a month! I’ve started my own Sales Funnel Agency for coaches and I’ve made over 57 lakh+ in 2020!


Mentor and Passionpreneur

Recognized By Industry Leaders

As India’s #1 Passionpreneur Mentor

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"The Best Marketers
Aren’t the Best Talkers…"

Although many of them could charm the pants right off you…they’re the best listeners. They know how to hear what prospects are really saying and what they’re not saying.

Dan Lok


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