From Overseas Success to Passion-Driven Triumph: The Inspiring Journey of Naved Akram

dev gadhvi review - naved akram

In a world full of passionless success stories, Naved Akram’s journey shines as a beacon of inspiration and resilience. As an accomplished Interior Designer catering to NRI clients, his journey is a testament to the power of determination, reinvention, and the magic that happens when passion is intertwined with success. Join us as we delve into Naved’s remarkable journey, filled with ups, downs, and an unwavering spirit to create a life that resonates with his dreams.

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The Humble Beginnings

Naved Akram’s story began in Amravati, Maharashtra. With a solid educational foundation in civil engineering and an MBA in Construction Management, Naved embarked on his professional journey in the corporate world. He ventured into the world of construction, working in India and then stepping onto the global stage by joining Alphanadel in the Gulf. The luxury life he led was a result of his hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to his career.

A Restless Spirit

Despite the luxurious life and accomplishments, Naved’s journey took an unexpected turn. He found himself wrestling with a persistent internal question: Is this the life he truly wanted? Every few months, a nagging doubt would creep in, pushing him to question if his current path was aligned with his deeper aspirations. He admits to pushing these thoughts aside, choosing comfort over growth.

A Turning Point Amidst Adversity

Naved’s life took a dramatic turn in 2020 when he found himself stranded in Saudi Arabia due to the global pandemic. Isolation and distance from loved ones forced him to face the questions he had been avoiding. A period of introspection led him to the realization that life is too short to be trapped in a nine-to-five job. His journey had reached a crucial crossroads.

The Birth of a New Dream:

Naved’s epiphany set him on a path of transformation. Returning to India, he took the bold step of starting his own business. Armed with a desire for change, he launched NVD Builders, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. However, the challenges of entrepreneurship proved more daunting than he anticipated, leading him to question his decision.

Finding Passion and Purpose:

Enter Dev Gadhvi Mentorship Program. Naved’s life took a new direction as he joined this transformative journey. The program shifted his perspective, teaching him the importance of mindset, passion, and community. Through his involvement, Naved discovered that his true passion aligned with interior design. This realization was a game-changer, as it merged his skillset and aspirations.

The Power of Community:

The program’s community aspect played a pivotal role in Naved’s growth. He experienced firsthand the value of being surrounded by like-minded individuals, mentors, and peers who offered guidance, motivation, and shared experiences. This supportive network propelled him forward, giving him the emotional and mental strength needed to face challenges head-on.

The Reinvention Continues:

Armed with newfound knowledge, a transformed mindset, and unwavering support, Naved Akram embarked on reshaping his business. The shift wasn’t just about generating income; it was about creating a legacy and a life that resonated with his deepest aspirations. The birth of his personal brand alongside NVD Builders showcased his commitment to growth and innovation.

A Message of Inspiration:

Naved’s journey from a luxurious NRI life to becoming a passionate entrepreneur is a story of resilience, self-discovery, and continuous learning. His transformation underscores the importance of daring to question one’s path, embracing discomfort, and committing to personal growth. To those on a similar journey, Naved’s message is clear: Embrace change, surround yourself with supportive communities, and let passion fuel your success.

Naved’s story reminds us that success isn’t just about financial achievements; it’s about creating a life that aligns with our true selves. Through his journey, he embodies the essence of the saying, “It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey.” Naved Akram’s story will continue to inspire dreamers, visionaries, and anyone willing to embrace change and pursue their passions against all odds.

Before and after journey  of Naved Akram  as a Passionpreneur 

Dev Gadhvi Review – Naved akram

Before PassionpreneurAfter Passionpreneur
Civil engineer in Gujarat’s Adani Power, Gulf experienceEstablished NVD Builders, pursued interior design passion, aligned business with passion
Focused on financial stability, limited business visionAdopted a growth mindset, focused on value addition, saw challenges as opportunities
Climbed corporate ladder, worked in construction projectsTransitioned from employee mindset to entrepreneur, developed personal brand, aimed for business growth
Faced dissatisfaction, emotional instabilityAchieved emotional and mental stability, handled challenges with resilience and positive outlook
Running NVD Builders, struggled with lead generationLearned lead generation, funnel concepts, enhanced project management skills, developed team management capabilities
Financially unstable, low incomeProjected a revenue target of 2.2 crores for the year, achieved financial stability
Limited networking, isolated experiencesEmbraced the Passionpreneurs community, engaged with like-minded individuals, received guidance from mentors
Limited online presence, no personal brandingEstablished personal brand, built strong social media presence, became known as an interior design expert
Business not aligned with personal passionDiscovered passion for interior design, aligned business with passion, created synergies between passion and career
Made decisions based on financial stabilityShifted to value-driven decisions, considered personal growth, emotional well-being, and passion alignment
Seeking direction, unfulfilled potentialAchieved clarity, pursued personal and professional growth, transformed mindset, experienced business and personal success
Not a published authorAuthored a book titled “Back to Home,” aiming to guide NRIs in pursuing their dreams

Recent Achievements: He achieved 30 lacs to 1 crore in a year, he recently shared with Dev during PPIC session

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