Quitting 9to5 Life to Rs. 50Lakh Deal – Amol Karale

May 2018, I met Amol Karale at my Ramada, Powai Mumbai workshop

At that time he was going through a rough patch in this life

He was under confident

He was FAT

He was confused

He was lost as he did not know what to do in life

He failed in formal education twice and was bullied since childhood. He had also become short tempered

He lives in a Chawl in Mumbai, His father is a Tailor

He was searching for a mentor who could help him to transform his life

After attending 20+ workshops and listening to all gurus, he finally felt that I can be the one for him

Check out his emotional journey of ups and down

Amol’s Says – I QUIT

When he quit his job in Dec 2018, he was nervous, he even cried so many times as it wasn’t an easy decision. His family was not supporting his wish to quit a job with Rs. 16 Lakh package.

His last company tried to retain him with a great hike but he said no and started following his mission

Amol’s First Speech:

He focused on daily discipline and followed the S.A.V.E.R.S daily

We worked on his mission, vision and passion for first few months and he acquired skills like story telling, public speaking, content creation, program building

He took massive action everyday!

Amol Closing First Deal:

Finally, he made cold calling and with help our Jogesh Jain, he got his first appointment

He left the client mesmerized with his passion and his mission

He cried while explaining his win with one of the top coaching institute.

His family was not believing in his dream at the beginning

Amol’s First Paid Workshop Win:

He conducted a free workshop for 240 students and finally he signed up 70 students for next paid workshop

His First POC with the Class!

Executing First Paid Workshop:

He conducted his first paid workshop where he invited Jogesh Jain, Dev Gadhvi, and Praveen Wadalkar as the keynote speaker and the students and owner of the institute loved it

Amol’s Rs. 50Lakh and Other Key Wins:

It took more than 2 months but finally he signed up a deal which has a potential worth Rs. 50,00,000. Spending only 3 hours on a weekend for 90 days

“Video Coming Soon”

Join me to congratulate Amol and wish him the best!

If he can do it then anyone can

Very proud of you Amol Karale & Jogesh Jain

About Dev Gadhvi:

Dev Gadhvi was born in a humble family. Father a truck driver. He lived with a mediocre life for more than 13 years and finally he quit his high paying job of Rs. 3.5 Lakh per month

He built his business around passion within 24 months

Became TEDx and JoshTalks Speaker

Wrote a book 80%Mindset 20%Skills which became a Best Selling Book. Also reviewed by Canadaian Multimillionaire and King of High Ticket Sales – Dan Lok

Dev is now helping his mentees do the same

He is helping trainers and coaches to build their 1 Crore Coaching Business

He is on a mission to transform 1 billion lives

He has also partnered up with international influencers and multimillionaires like Ron Malhotra to co-mentor people

If you want to know about his journey and how he transformed his life then read his book 80%Mindset 20%Skills

Link – https://www.amazon.in/80-Mindset-20-Skills-Dev-Gadhvi/dp/9387502090

See you in our live workshop!


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