Life without an Alarm Clock!

Imagine you waking up without the sound of an alarm clock!

Imagine if you no longer have to worry about time, even if you wake up at 10 am, 12 pm or even 2 pm!

Imagine if you no longer have to iron your clothes, look neat & tidy and dress up for office!

Imagine you no longer have to sit in the traffic you hate!

Imagine if you no longer have to listen to the annoying and demanding boss!

Imagine if you were your own boss!

Imagine if you had the power to decide how you spend your day, who and when you will hang out!

Now, Imagine, living this day every day for rest of your life!

Would you like that?

I am sure by now your mind is screaming…Hell Yeah….I would love that life!

“True Happiness Comes from Freedom”

But, the bad news is, only a handful of people will have it.

You can have that life only if you work for it now and keep working on it for next 5 years relentlessly!

Here is the 3-step formula I have learned from people who are living this ideal life:

1)     Step 1 – Passion

2)     Step 2 – Relentless Massive Action

3)     Step 3 – Encash Passion

Step 1: Passion:

“People with passion can change the world” – Steve Jobs

“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession” – Unknown

One of my friends asked me, “Dev, how do you get so much time and have the patience to do so many things back to back and still you are happy with your work”

My answer, “I found my passion, and the work does not seem like work to me”

If you are someone who has not yet identified what you want from life then start with identifying your passion.

Ask yourself everyday –

“What if I was a Billionaire, how would I spend time today??”


“What if today was my last day, how would I want people to remember me?”

There are other similar questions you can ask yourself but the point is, start doing the soul-searching and find your passion. I have explained this in detail in my book 80%Mindset 20%Skills

Step 2: Relentless Massive Action

There are 4 degrees of action (Inspired by Grant Cardone’s book The 10X Rule)

·        No Action – Couch potatoes. 20% of people may fall into this category.

·        Retreat – When you go on a diet and give up…Retreat. 30% fall into this category

·        Average Action – Most Dangerous. 45% of people fall into this category

·        Massive Action – Only 5% of people fall into this category and they are the top 5% riches in the world as well…Surprised???? I am sure not!

P.S – I have assumed the % based on my observation. It is not a fact!

Step 3: Encash Passion

If you follow step 1 and step 2, encashing your passion is the easiest part.

This is where I had people reaching out to me, asking me if I can coach them,

This is where I got all my speaking engagements,

This is where I got my returns from the book 80%Mindset 20%Skills,

This is where I make money from YouTube (growing at 4K subscribers per month)!

You start getting all that not because money was your only aim, but because you focused on your passion and you added a lot of value to others by taking massive action

Do not break your alarm clock yet…..

“Give your best now to live your best tomorrow” – Dev Gadhvi

The day when you reach this place, where you are no longer exchanging your time with money, the sky becomes your limit…Baby! 😊

Are you willing to grind for next 5 years to live the life of your dreams for 50 years?

I hope this article gave you the push that you needed, now, don’t be selfish, share this with someone who needs this push as well because together we grow even faster!

You may be thinking of picking up the book “80%Mindset 20%Skills” to transform your life in 9 days but the bad news is, it is all sold out. It isn’t the Best Seller for no reason 😉

Let me help you, leave your WhatsApp no. and my team will inform you once is it available on Amazon!


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