How to Quit 9to5 Rat Race?

Dev, I cannot quit job, I have responsibilities, I have a family!

Me – Isn’t that the reason why you should quit your job? For the Family!

Better thing to ask yourself is, how can I?


What would your life look like when you can play with your son anytime you want?

What would your life look like when you can travel anywhere anytime?

What would it mean to you if you can make money by exchanging value and not time?

Do you know why you are hesitant to quit the job?

It is because there are things that you do not know yet…

“You are where you are because of your knowledge and you are not where you want to be is also because of your current knowledge” – Dev Gadhvi
But do not jump off the boat before you build a new boat.

Don’t jump even if you know how to swim because it may take a while for second boat to be ready and you cannot keep swimming till then

I quit my job after 16 years by following few things that I will share with you.

Today, I live 6-Sundays-A-Week life with 20 months of effort and I believe anyone can build such life for themselves if they really want to!

Things that you should consider before quitting:

Pay Off liabilities & reduce monthly commitments –

You will have more power to make a bold decision when the time comes provided your minimum survival amount is the least

Master the Craft –

Start learning things that will help solve others to solve theirr challenges

Do not remain average at your craft because average is a failing formula. Master your craft

Spend lots of time reading self help books and invest in self development

I invested more than Rs. 14 lakhs in 20 months only on myself development

I am so glad I did so, else I would still be living 9to5 and would have prolonged my freedom atleast by few years

Ecosystem –

Who do hang out with?

Do they have vision, mission, goals, ambitions?

Are they more successful than you?

Build an ecosystem of people who push you to do more and become a better version of yourself

Mentor –

Find a Mentor who can reduce your learning curve

I found several mentors like Grant Cardone, Dan Lok, Jon Pemberthy to help me become great at what I do and all of them were not present physically, nor I had my one on one sessions with them. But I am glad they helped me to reduce my learning curve

Cushion –

Have enough savings to survive for atleast 6-12 months

Followers –

Why do lots of businesses fail?

One of the reason is revenue and not having enough pipeline

They focus only on creating product first and then look for buyers. While it may be true for physical products but when you are looking to become a passoinpreneur, I advice my mentees to build your followers and network who will buy your product the day when you launch because you have been servicing them without any expectations for long

So wise guy will always prefer to build followers or potential clients before building a product/service

Proof of Concept –

This was a game changer for me.

What is the hardest part? Finding people who will be willing to part away with their hard earned money to invest in your product or service.

If you are able to make people pay you, that means you have a great future

Wise thing to do is to build parallel streams of income along with your active income

When I started my Passionpreneur journey, I gave so much of value through social media that people started asking me if I can do a paid coaching!

Have a strategy and plan –

Finally, have a proper execution plan in place to execute it relentlessly. Do not give up. Find a way to make it happen. You will fall many times but rise back up and take a leap of faith

It is hard to explain all my secrets that I learnt in last 2 years on an article but if you truly want to transform your life then here are 2 steps:

#1 Pick up the copy of my bestselling book to understand my transformation and follow the steps. Check out Amazon Reviews – Link

#2. Attend the next workshop called “Build Business Around Passion”. Leave a comment below to know the next workshop dates!

If a truck driver’s son who struggled to speak proper English can become India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor then I have no doubt you can in your own micro niche!

Keep an eye out for my next book – 6 Sundays A Week Life…Releasing by end of the year!

Thank you,

Dev Gadhvi

India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor

Best Selling Author

High Ticket Sales Expert

Founder and CEO of India’s First Passionpreneur Mastermind


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