Build Multiple Income Streams: Find Your Purpose & Flourish

Are you ready to find your purpose and embark on a transformative journey towards a fulfilling and purpose-driven life?

Many individuals find themselves in a vulnerable position, with no savings or alternative sources of income, especially when they are the sole breadwinners of their families.

While the COVID-19 situation will eventually come under control, it’s important to consider the long-term implications. Relying solely on a single source of income, lacking essential 21st-century skills, not leveraging social media, and being uncertain about your passion and purpose can lead to ongoing financial difficulties.

It’s time to wake up, find your purpose, and build multiple streams of income. In this content piece, I will share my personal journey that has helped numerous individuals quit their jobs and create multiple income streams.

I was talking to a friend and understood that there are people working with some companies who are on leave without pay due to Corona!

Most of them have no savings, no other source of income & worst part is, they are the sole bread earners of the family!

Corona problem is not going to stay forever.

Things will be under control soon but what are you doing to avoid such shocks in your life?

Corona is a short term problem for most of us…

Your single source of income is a long term problem!

You not building your vital 🔑 21st century skills is a long term problem!

You not leveraging social media to reach more people is a long term problem!

You not knowing what your passion and purpose is a long term problem!

Exchanging time and not value for money is a long term problem!

Relying on your company or govt to solve your financial situation is a long term problem…

It is time to wake up and realize that it is a high time to build multiple streams of income!

Makes sense?

I would have been freaking out due to the Corona situation (Financially) had it been the year 2016.

That was the time I had only one stream of income coming from a Job…

I didn’t know what to do in life except for going to a job

I was trading time for money…

I was fortunate to find my passion and purpose and started building my skills…

I acquired so many skills like Sales, High Ticket Closing, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Positioning, Funnel Building, Email Marketing, Book Writing, etc.

Today, I am not worried about the economy (of course, I care but not worried) as I have built my own economy. I became Crorepati within 20 months.

I have enough cash, driving BMW, working from home, making money through various channels like Online Course, Books, Mentorship Program and I do not even have to step out of my home.

Made over Rs. 6 Lakh in 2018, and Rs. 5 Lakh in 2019 just from one book called “80%Mindset 20%Skills

find your purpose

Second book “6 Sundays A Week Life” is releasing on 24th March which will double the income from a book.

I wasn’t lucky or smart, I just found the right mentors who could teach me all this.

You must be wondering – “Dev, how can I do the same?”

It is possible through the “7 Step Blueprint” that I have followed. Same blueprint was followed by all my mentees and they too were able to quit their jobs and build multiple income streams.

Don’t trust me?

Check out their linkedin profiles – Amol Karale, Somdutta Sarkar, Raakesh Rana, Suman Pachigulla, Yathiraj Agarwal, Shubham Mittal, Shalini Sharma, Shoma Ghosh, Umesh Emmadishetty and the list goes on and on. Many of them have become the Amazon Best Selling Author!

In conclusion, finding your purpose and building multiple income streams is a transformative journey towards financial independence and personal fulfillment.

By recognizing the importance of diversifying your income sources and leveraging your passions, skills, and the power of the digital world, you can overcome financial challenges and create a sustainable future.

Embracing the seven-step blueprint shared in this content piece, you have the opportunity to break free from the limitations of a single income and embark on a path of abundance and success.

Invest in your self-development, take action, and seize the opportunity to design a life that aligns with your purpose and provides you with the financial freedom you deserve.

I will share these secrets in the webinar on 22nd March for almost free. Just for Rs. 99/-

Some people are skeptical as to why for Rs. 99 only. These are the same people who complained when we did it for Rs. 9999/-

But for the first time we are doing it for almost free, so needless to say that seats are limited.

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Dev Gadhvi

India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor

TEDx and JoshTalks Speaker

#1 Best Selling Author

Highly Paid Indian Influencer



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