Do You Choose Clients or Clients Choose You?

In a large hall of a 5 Star Hotel Conference Hall, 100+ participants sitting and listening to the speaker.

“So, how many of you would be interested to join this program?” – Said one of the speakers.

Chatter started in the room and a few hands went up.

“Great, get up and go to the desk and book your seats” – he said.

Some of them went to the registration desk and booked their seats.

Is this how you finish your workshop and let clients decide whether or not they want to join your program?


Let us see a new way of doing business.

What if the speaker says – “People who are interested to join the program, fill the form and there will be a shortlisting process”


Now, that is something new ha!

Why are you in the business?

Is it to truly impact people’s lives or just to do business to make money?

What are you offering? Information or transformation?

Would you choose whom to work with or let the prospects choose you?

These are some of the questions we should ask especially if we are in the business!

I have seen the majority of the coaches waiting for their audience to choose them and they desperately wait for them to join their program.

In short, they are at the mercy of their prospects.

I am sure you have been there or you are still there in that situation as a coach, isn’t it?

Here are a few ways you can turn the tables and choose whom you work with.

1)     Serve classes and not masses

2)     Long term program with profound impact

3)     Information vs transformation

4)     Build your brand

5)     Add value via social media

1) Serve classes and not masses –

There is a saying – “If you are for everyone then you are for no one”

Understand who is your target audience and realize that they need to have 2 things in order to qualify for your program.

A)    Willingness to learn

B)     Ability to pay

Classes are not what we typically associate with, which is money. Classes is the class of people who will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

2) Long term program with profound impact –

“Your wealth is in direct correlation with the value that you have created in the market place”

So if you impact on others is small then the wealth that you will create will be small and hence you will have to be at mercy of others when there is not much cash flow!

When you be able to have a big impact?

In just a few days or will it require weeks or months?

If you are in the self-development industry then you will need more time.

3) Information vs Transformation –

Today due to social media explosion, we have access to so many things that you do not even have to go to an expert to learn many things. E.g. Fitness, How to edit videos, how to become good at something and other things.

This is why if you are selling information only then you will fail miserably and will rely on clients to choose you.

4) Build a brand –  

Why do you buy from Amazon and not from some unknown site?

It is because Amazon has built trust and you know that you will be safe.

The same thing applies when someone is investing in coaching or mentoring.

People will not only pay more but also will wait in a queue to buy. We all know what happened in the case of iPhone launches!

5) Provide value via social media –

Would you like to reach out to people asking if they would be interested to enrol in your program or would you want them to reach out?

I am sure later one.

When would you have more power – When you have too many interested people or a handful?

I am sure the first one.

How would they reach out to you in masses if do not have a social presence and not adding value to them?

Start building your social presence and attract clients.

What else would you suggest?

If you want to continue to learn my secrets then reach out to learn about the next webinar or workshop. I may even sponsor your seat!

With Love and Care,

Dev Gadhvi


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