Who Are You?

“Dev, I want to transform my life. I want to scale my business and make more than Rs. 5 Lakh monthly predictable income. I want to be the best selling author”

Me – “Ok, attend the upcoming online workshop on 29th and 30th Sept 7pm to 11pm IST.

Him – “How much is the investment?”

Me – “It is Rs. 7999 but we are sponsoring 85% of it. Only Rs. 1200 right now”

Him – “Can you please sponsor me 100%?”

It actually amazes me when people have such limiting mindset. I don’t know how I should respond to this…

We want to make Rs. 5 Lakh but we hesitate to spend Rs. 1200 on self development….

We want to build 6 Sundays A Week life but not ready to work 7 Mondays a week even for few months

I realized that there are 4 types of people:

  1. Dozers
  2. Dreamers
  3. Snoozers
  4. Doers

Dozers: (not the bulldozers)

They have been on dozing mode for almost their entire life. They are the people who do not have dreams, vision, mission, purpose and passion. They just go with the flow and follow the herd. They feel that this is what I was born for. Just live this normal life and feed the family!

They are like the saints who have been in the deep meditation for decades on top of the Himalayas (in their minds) but they have no wisdom like saint yet they act as if they know it all


Dreamers just dream of having a better life, better pay, better health, better relationships

Their action will tell you which category they fall into. They are just good at talking


They take wake up when the opportunity arises to work on their vision and passion but they go back to sleep very often. They look around and see their colleagues or competitors getting ahead and again they wake up and start taking action


Doer will find a way to get what they want and do whatever it takes. They are resourceful. They will never complain about not having time, money, contact or knowhow. They will make things happen

Who do you think will get what they want in life?

Which category are you falling into?

Imagine if I would have said no to Dan Loks’ HTC program, Grant Cardone’s Sales University, Jon Pemberthy’s Social Media and Email Marketing, Nitin Soni’s Book Publishing investment. Total of more than Rs. 14 lakhs…

Imagine if I would have said no to working on weekend’s and late hours after office…

I still continue to invest lakhs in my self development because I know, it is needed to continue to live 6 Sundays A Week Life!

So ask yourself, Who Am I and Who Do I Need to Be!

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