Revealed: BIG truth bombs on Business, Self-doubt and Life | Q&A with Ranvijay | Dev Gadhvi

In this episode, join us for an extraordinary experience with Rannvijay Singha, the beloved Indian television personality, VJ, and actor. Fearlessly, he shares his life experiences, business knowledge, and profound insights that deeply connect with us.

Get ready for a captivating journey, exploring the ups and downs that have shaped Rannvijay Singha’s life. Get ready to discover your true potential under his wise guidance. Together, we’ll have an empowering conversation that can unlock your own entrepreneurial abilities. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Rannvijay Singha | Dev Gadhvi

Everyone knows him as a part of Roadies show and a famous actor.

But what about the other side of his life?

Tune in to this episode where Rannvijay Singha talks about his life, fitness, passion for adventure, the need for discipline and much more.

About RannVijay Singha

He comes from a family of army offices and loves riding bikes, loves traveling and exploring new places. Since he loved adventure from a young age, he wanted to take part in the Roadies show. This one event was the turning point in his life and the rest as we know is history.

He also talks about the importance of rediscovering yourself and finding your true passion.

He beautifully conveys how when you develop your passion, opportunities follow. And it can’t be the other way round. For instance, many people today want to start working on something only if they are sure they will get assured returns. When you work for passion, he says – “money is a magnet that will automatically follow”.

His Advice For People Chasing Fame and Fortune

When you are chasing fame and name, the idea is you want to live a similar life to famous people. But the shocking truth is many people after reaching a point of fame, get stuck or start feeling empty. Hence their priorities start changing in life.

Watch what Dan Lok, the master of high-ticket sales has got to say about pursuing fame.

Mr.Ranvijay Singha suggests that we can focus all our energies on our passions to live a fulfilled life, rather than chasing fame without a purpose.

How To Choose Your Mentor

Rannvijay Singha discusses how the experiences of his family members, who were army veterans, played a significant role as his first life coaches. Likewise, when it comes to business, he recommends reaching out for guidance and insights from entrepreneurs who have walked a similar path. In the startup world, you’re bound to encounter numerous highs and lows. Navigating this challenging terrain and finding assurance that you’re on the right track becomes crucial, and that’s where a business mentor steps in. A mentor can be the difference between giving up on your entrepreneurial journey midway or persevering through it.

Best Insight Of the Episode

“ When you speak and listen to yourself in good conversations, you also bring out more ideas from yourself rather than from the other person”

It was such a candid, casual and inspiring conversation from the famous actor and the esteemed host of Sharktank India, Season 1.  Tune in to this rocking conversation and gain several more amazing insights.

Watch the full interview on Youtube.






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