Making Crores during the lockdown…

One of my ex-colleague asked me that Dev, how did you become a millionaire in the middle of the lockdown…?

He said most of the people are facing lots of problems in their job, getting a full salary, etc…

So in this episode, I have discussed about the benefits of becoming a life coach.

How did it help me to become a millionaire and also helped my mentees live an amazing life…

Listen the full episode to know more about the benefits of becoming a life coach and how it impacted my life.

Read the amazing success stories of my mentees who have been able to build a successful business around their passion.

Are you inspired to embark on a similar journey. Our transformative business coaching programs are perfectly tailored to help you build your business, receive expert guidance and help you achieve your goals.

Ps: If you want to “Quit 9 to 5” and build a business around passion , then here is link for upcoming workshop

I would love to see you there.

With Love

Dev Gadhvi


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