From Dreams to Reality: Embracing Key Achievements in Life

Introducing my extraordinary journey of transformation and key achievements in life!

It all began in July 2019, a time when my emotions were a whirlwind due to various business challenges.

Despite setbacks, I remained resilient. From a disappointing turnout at the Passionpreneur Summit to the launch of Passionpreneur Mentors, hurdles were aplenty.

Criticisms added fuel to my determination to improve. Fast forward to Aug 2020, standing atop a hill in Khandala with Passionpreneur Mentees, I envisioned greatness.

Now, a year later, the results speak for themselves: exponential growth in the summit’s attendees, empowered mentors earning substantial incomes, and the birth of a thriving community.

From personal achievements to professional milestones, this remarkable journey is a testament to the power of perseverance.

Join me as we embark on the next chapter of success and witness what can change in just one year.

A lot can change in just 1 year…

July 2019, I was going through a very interesting phase of life!

I had mixed emotions due to mixed situations in business…

Lots of things were not going right!

I was feeling overwhelmed because of being squeezed from three different angles..

1st – Passionpreneur Summit 2019:

We were aiming to have at least 1000 people however the ads were not working, the referral process was working, and finally we ended up with only 100 registrations

2nd – Passionpreneur Mentors (PPMT):

I had a vision to build a community of mentors and groom them to go to a next level

I launched a new initiative called Passionpreneur Mentors (PPMT) to partner up with few mentees and have them to mentor future mentees

Out of 8 who I shortlisted and offered this opportunity to, only 3 could joined!

That was very disappointing but I understood that they had their valid reasons to not join PPMT

3rd – Negative vibes in Passionpreneurs:

Biggest shock of my life was when I heard some of the mentees talking behind the back things like –

  • Dev has changed, he is more money minded
  • Dev wants to make other people his employees in the name of Passionpreneur Mentor
  • Dev did not deliver the value I was looking for
  • Dev has cut corners to save money by conducting some workshops at his house

These were soul crushing words by few!

I know I wasn’t perfect and made some mistakes, which I constantly improved every day!

They are also good people but some did not realise how their mind was playing tricks with them and making them think negatively!

Aug 2020 (1 year fast forward), Few Passionpreneur Mentees and I went for an outing to Khandala..

Amazing weather with some light showers from time to time..

We carried our umbrellas and went for a walk

We grabbed some roasted sweet corns and boiled peanuts…

We all were sitting on the hill top that was looking over the valley and could see the round mountain road and I said – “Guys, just see, how far we would reach by Aug 2020 and we will watch these photos and celebrate”

Fast forward to Aug 2020 (1 year later), here is what has changed in my life:

  • Went from having only 100 paid attendees in Passionpreneur Summit in 2019 to 700+ in the year 2020
  • Each Passionpreneur Mentor who trusted in a bigger vision of PPMT has earned Rs. 50 Lakhs from mentoring 1 batch and will continue to shine
  • Went from 23 mentees in a batch to more than 110+ mentees in Passionpreneur Batch 4

key achievements in life

  • 1 Crore Coach went to next level by having 1CC Mentors
  • 1 Crore Coach had more than 400 paid attendees in the 3 day event and doubled the number of mentees in the Batch 3
  • Launched my second book “6 Sundays A Week Life” and became better seller on Amazon

key achievements in life

  • Shared the virtual stage with international mega mentors like Dan Lok, Evan Carmichael and Ron Malhotra in the Summit
  • Became the first millionaire in the family, going from Rs. 2.5 Cr. to making over Rs. 7 Cr. in annual revenue
  • Went from 2 member team to over 10 amazing people working full time and as extended vendors, paying minimum Rs. 10 Lakhs a month (Compared to my Rs. 3 Lakh a month salary in 2018)
  • Spent over 70 Lakhs in Ad spent and got over 15 million views on my FB Page
  • Conducted over 50 webinars/workshops
  • Built a community on FB Group of Passionpreneurs that crossed over 10K and 1CC Group crossed 1.6K
  • Email list crossed over 50K
  • Lots of mentees were able to quit their jobs and started their business around passion
  • Many of them launched their books and became best sellers
  • Some of them making 5 times more money than their jobs or business and even becoming Crorepati
  • Travelled to 5 international locations
  • Bought a BMW

Dev Gadhvi BMW

  • Launched inner circles to continue to serve our mentees
  • Launched the new initiatives like #DatewithDev membership program
  • Built stronger bond within 1CC and Passionpreneur family
  • And best of all, getting loads and loads of blessings from everyone

A lot can change in just 1 year… Agree?

Now, can you guess where would we all be in next 12 months?

Stay tuned for one of the biggest partnership that will take Indian Self Development Industry to a next level with the storm!

Do not underestimate what you can achieve in just 1 year…

I am sure a lot has changed in your life as well in last 12 months…

I would love to know, please let me know below!

I would like to thank some amazing people in my life because of whom all this was possible!

My partner – Ron Malhotra

My Mentor – Dan Lok

My First Mentor – Grant Cardone

In conclusion, this extraordinary journey of transformation and key achievements in life has been a testament to resilience, perseverance, and the power of overcoming obstacles.

From the initial challenges and setbacks to the remarkable growth and success experienced, this journey stands as a reminder that a lot can change in just one year.

Through dedication and determination, we have witnessed exponential growth in the Passionpreneur Summit, the empowerment of mentors, and the birth of a thriving community.

The personal and professional milestones achieved are a testament to the unwavering commitment to improvement and the pursuit of greatness.

As we move forward, let us embrace the possibilities that lie ahead and continue to witness the remarkable transformations that can occur in our lives in a short span of time.

Join us on this journey of success and discover the limitless potential within you.

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