Creators Guide to Make Money on Facebook

Facebook continues to evolve as one of the largest and most versatile social platforms for creators and influencers to connect with audiences. While organic reach on the platform has declined in recent years, Facebook is focusing efforts to empower creators through new monetization features and opportunities. This comprehensive guide explores how to make money on Facebook as a digital creator in 2023.

Monetization Eligibility To Make Money on Facebook

Before utilising any monetization features, creators must ensure their profiles and content adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards, Partner Policies and Content Policies. These guidelines govern issues like inappropriate graphic content and proper rights ownership.

Creators can check eligibility status by visiting the Monetization tab inside Facebook Creator Studio. Staying eligible is important, as ineligibility may cause loss of monetizing abilities until resolved. Regularly reviewing policies helps maintain eligibility over time as guidelines are updated.

Eight Best Ways Content Creators Can Earn Money From Facebook

Create Videos with In-Stream Ads

Did you know that if your Facebook videos are over a minute long, you have the option to put ads right inside them? It’s called an in-stream ad and it can be a great way to make some extra income from your videos.

Basically what happens is the ad will play automatically for a few seconds when someone is watching your video, usually in the middle. But the cool part is they have to watch the ad to keep seeing your video – it’s not like a normal Facebook ad that people can just skip.

how to make money on facebook as a digital creator

To be able to add the in-stream ads, you need at least 10,000 followers on your Facebook page. And your video obviously needs to be long enough for an ad to fit in the middle.

The way it works is you can partner with a brand or company who wants to promote their product. Facebook will help you integrate a short 5-10 second ad from them into your video seamlessly.

Then whenever someone watches that ad to keep watching your video, you get a cut of the advertising money that brand pays Facebook. Pretty sweet deal right?

It’s a great way to engage your viewers and make some extra cash at the same time. Just be sure to script out good natural breakpoints in your videos for the ad to flow smoothly.

Add Paid Fan Subscriptions

Have you thought about offering a paid subscription for your most loyal Facebook fans? It can be a really great consistent way to make money every month from your followers.

Basically what you do is set it up so that once you have at least 10,000 followers, your super fans have the option to pay a monthly fee, like $5 or something, to get extra perks from you. Things like exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, early access to new videos, invites to private live Q&As.

That way your biggest supporters feel extra special for supporting you financially every month. And it really adds up for you too if you can get even 50 or 100 people subscribing regularly.

Collaborate on Branded Content Partnerships

You know, getting paid to make sponsored content for brands is such an easy way to make some extra income from your Facebook following. A lot of big companies are always looking to partner with influential people in different niches to reach new potential customers.

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Facebook actually has a whole section called the Brand Collabs Manager that makes it super simple to connect with brands looking for someone like you. All you have to do is submit a request saying you want access and then brands can discover your profile and see if you’re a good fit for any projects they have coming up.

Then basically the brand will pay you to make some Facebook posts or stories promoting their product to your audience. As long as it’s content you would normally make anyway, it’s pretty much free money!

And your followers love getting early access to new stuff too. So it’s a total win-win because both you and the brand benefit from the new exposure. Plus it mixes things up instead of just your regular posts all the time.

Earn Directly from Fans

Facebook is actually starting to pay creators and influencers directly based on how popular their content is getting? This is probably Facebook’s way of competing with other platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

What they’re doing is inviting certain accounts who already have massive followings, like hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, to do these “challenges”. So basically you create Reels tailored specifically for Facebook and if they hit certain view milestones, you’ll earn a cash reward.

Some people are making BANK from this too. I heard if your Reels consistently get lots of plays, you can earn up to $4,000 in a single month! All from the comfort of your home by just doing what you normally do and posting creative content.

Of course the challenges are invite-only for now since they’re still testing it out. But if you continually grow your audience on Facebook with high quality, engaging Reels, there’s a good chance you could get selected eventually.

Pretty cool way to turn all those views and likes into an actual paycheck, right? Definitely worth pumping out Reels if they’re something you enjoy making anyway.

Run Paid Online Events

Facebook actually makes it pretty easy to host your own paid virtual events and workshops right from your page.

Through the Events tab, you can organize the whole thing within Facebook – pick a date and time, customize the event listing, set the ticket price. People can then RSVP directly and you’ll even be able to see how many plan on coming.

Many creators use the events for live Q&As, tutorials, workshops – really anything they’d normally do in-person. Worth checking out if you’ve been looking for new ways to monetize your Facebook presence.

Drive Traffic to Digital Products

Facebook actually has some pretty cool tools built right in that make it super easy to promote your online store and drive sales directly from your page.

Through their “shoppable posts” feature, you can showcase your products right in videos and images on Facebook. Include a nice big “Shop Now” button so people are just one click away from your site.

Live videos are also a really engaging way to debut new items – I’ve seen a lot of success with creators doing live try-ons or quick product demos. And the best part is Facebook can automatically detect what you’re showing to make it shoppable.

With Facebook integrating so seamlessly into the full purchasing process now, it removes a lot of steps that might stop someone from following through. Much better than just telling people to visit your site – now they can buy directly in one tap.

Generate Side Income on Facebook Marketplace

Basically, Marketplace lets people buy and sell locally right on Facebook., whether you’re decluttering around the house or looking to pick up a few things. As a seller, you can just snap some pictures of the items and write a description then post it for people in your city to browse.

A lot of people sell clothes, toys, small appliances – y’know, stuff that accumulates over time but someone else could use. And listing is completely free! Facebook doesn’t even take a cut of the sales.

Once it’s posted, you coordinate the transaction directly with buyers. Super easy local exchanges without any app or site fees.

It’s perfect if you want a low-effort way to clear out space and make a bit of pocket money from things just sitting around. With Facebook’s huge audience, there’s bound to be someone nearby looking for what you’re parting with. Definitely worth checking out Marketplace next time you feel like decluttering!

 Leverage Affiliate Marketing Tools on Facebook

You know, affiliate marketing is a really great way for people with Facebook pages and audiences to make some extra money on the side. All you need to do is carefully choose some products or services that you think would genuinely help your followers.

Then when you post regular content on your Facebook page, you can mention these affiliate products or services. But you have to be a little bit careful about directly including affiliate links in your Facebook posts, because Facebook has rules against directly promoting affiliate links.

The best approach is to drive people from your Facebook updates to your own website or landing pages. That way, in your post you can say something like “Check out this cool new tool I found at” and they’ll click over to learn more.

Additional Tips and Optimization :

  • Maintain frequent high-quality original posting
  • Target most engaged followers through polls or surveys
  • Optimize formats like Reels or Live videos for sharing
  • Retain management over metadata, hashtags and captions
  • Track analytics for consecutive content refinement
  • Explore together platform perks through Creator Academy
  • Balance creativity with deliverables for business realities


Thus, Facebook continues to offer creators new and evolving ways to monetize their audiences and connect with fans. While organic reach on posts has declined, the platform prioritises creators through features like in-stream ads, branded content partnerships and direct payout programs. 

Continually optimising content quality, format experimentation and audience analytics maximises earning potential across monetization avenues. Diversifying revenue streams also creates stability versus reliance on any single channel.

Facebook remains a strong option for influencers and entrepreneurs to sustainably develop their brands and generate income online. The key is attentiveness to changing policies while maintaining respect for fans through enjoyable, engaging contributions.


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