Unleashing Potential: The Inspirational Journey of Saras Chandra Kumar in Web Designing, Copywriting, and Digital Services

Welcome to Passion Mural Success Stories, where we unveil the remarkable journey of individuals who have transformed their lives by following their passions. Today, we’re thrilled to feature Saras Chandra Kumar, a trailblazer in web designing, copywriting, and digital services. From a background in IT to monetizing over 2 lakhs, Saras’s story is one of determination, self-discovery, and success.

A Glimpse into Saras’s Transformation:

The interview begins with a warm welcome to Saras, who expresses gratitude for the opportunity to share his journey. The host commends Saras’s success and the courage to follow his heart, setting the stage for an inspiring conversation.

Life Before Passion:

Saras opens up about his pre-passion life, where he spent 14 years in the IT industry, earning around 6 to 7 lakhs annually. Feeling the need for change, he ventured into a tea franchise business in 2018. However, it was a fateful encounter with a webinar that marked the beginning of his true transformation.

Discovering Passion Through Exploration:

Saras talks about his journey of self-discovery within the Passion Mural Mentorship program. Initially exploring story writing, he found his true calling by merging his digital marketing experience with storytelling and copywriting. This blend formed the foundation of his successful venture in digital services.

Monetizing the Passion:

With clarity on his niche, Saras started monetizing his skills, reaching an impressive milestone of 2.35 lakhs. He emphasizes the importance of finding the right direction, focusing on one’s strengths, and leveraging the support of mentors and the community.

Setting Ambitious Goals:Looking forward, Saras shares his ambitious goal of achieving a monthly revenue of 3 lakhs, aiming for an annual total of 36 lakhs. This reflects a remarkable leap from his previous job earnings, showcasing the tremendous growth he envisions for himself.

The Impact Beyond Finances:

Saras reveals that the mentorship program not only enhanced his financial situation but also triggered a shift in mindset and personal thinking. He now approaches life with positivity, mental toughness, and a clearer vision for his future, family, and society.

Dev Gadhvi Review - Saras Chandra

The Power of Community:

Saras acknowledges the incredible support system within the Passion Mural community. He highlights the significance of accountability partners and the collective encouragement that fosters growth, clarity, and confidence.

A Message to Aspiring Individuals:

In a heartfelt message to those still seeking their passion, Saras encourages them to join the Passion Mural community. He emphasizes the platform’s transformative potential, helping individuals discover their true selves, monetize their skills, and achieve success.


Saras Chandra Kumar’s journey is a testament to the life-altering impact of pursuing one’s passion. From navigating career shifts to achieving financial milestones, Saras’s story resonates with those aspiring to break free from conventional paths. Join us in celebrating Saras’s success and consider what untapped potential lies within your own passions. The Passion Mural community awaits, ready to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and success.

Dev Gadhvi Review – Saras Chandra

Life before and after with Passionpreneur for  Saras Chandra

Before PassionpreneurAfter Passionpreneur
14 years in IT industryTransitioned from IT to entrepreneurship in digital services
Annual earnings around 6 to 7 lakhsMonetized more than 2.35 lakhs, with a goal of 3 lakhs monthly
Tea franchise business started in 2018Established a successful digital marketing and copywriting business
Initially explored story writingDiscovered a passion for digital marketing and storytelling
Tensed and unclear about the futurePositive mindset, mental toughness, and clarity on personal and professional goals
No support systemThrives in a supportive Passion Mural community with accountability partners
Limited clarity on niche and monetization strategiesFound niche clarity and monetized more than 2.35 lakhs
No specific goalAiming for a monthly revenue of 3 lakhs, targeting 36 lakhs annually
Seeking change and explorationTransformed mindset, increased financial success, and a clearer vision for the future
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