Dr.Priya Nema’s Journey of Transformation from Dentist to Smilepreneur

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Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to the inspiring Dr. Priya Nema, a dentist with a mission to transform one million smiles. She has embraced the path of a Passionpreneur, and her journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Before delving into her transformational story, let’s meet Dr. Priya Nema. She is an accomplished dentist practicing in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh in India for the past eight years. Driven by her passion to create meaningful impact and improve smiles, she decided to embark on a journey to transform lives.

The Turning Point

At the tender age of 13, Dr.Priya faced a significant challenge when she lost her father. This event marked a turning point in her life, and she shouldered immense responsibilities to support her family and pursue her studies. However, she felt a void in her journey as she lacked the knowledge of clinical business, something her ancestors could have taught her. Despite delivering the best treatment, she felt a disconnect in her clinic’s overall business aspect.

Dev Gadhvi Review - Dr.Priya

The Path to Transformation

Before joining Passionpreneur Mentorship, Dr. Priya had a fixed mindset and often blamed external factors for challenges in her clinic. This changed dramatically when she discovered the Passionpreneur mentorship program through a YouTube ad. The ad featuring Guruve’s persona, the Ferrari, and bungalows, resonated with her deeply. Dr. Priya decided to attend a webinar, and that was the start of her transformative journey.

The Impact of Passionpreneur Mentorship

As Dr.Priya journeyed through the Passionpreneur Mentorship, she experienced profound changes. Her mindset shifted, and she stopped blaming external factors, taking full responsibility for her growth. The morning sessions of the program provided her with dedicated time for self-awareness and spiritual growth, removing negativity and replacing it with positivity.

The Journey to Success

With the mentorship of Mentor Dev  and the Passionpreneur community, Dr. Priya’s growth was unstoppable. She honed her communication skills, learned to create compelling offers, and built trust with patients. The results were astounding –  closed patients worth 40,000 rupees in just 20 minutes, only 10 days after attending the kickoff session. The progress continued, and she achieved recognition within the dental community.

A Holistic Transformation

Dr. Priya’s transformation extended beyond her dental practice. She became more conscious and awakened, not only in her business but also in her personal life. Her relationships with family and her community flourished, and she started thinking beyond her clinic, wanting to contribute to the development of her city.

Continuing with the Community

As part of her continued journey with the community Dr. Priya gained more clarity about her business. She appreciated the value of being in a community of like-minded individuals and embraced collaboration with other doctors, further expanding her horizons.

The Future

With her sights set on the future, Dr. Priya aims to achieve an annual revenue of 15 lakhs and create multiple clinics, expanding her influence in the dental industry. She also aspires to author a book titled “Toothfully Yours: Smile that Stays Forever,” establishing herself as a thought leader in her field.

A Message to Aspiring Passionpreneurs

Dr. Priya’s transformation serves as an inspiring message for all aspiring Passionpreneurs, especially women with numerous responsibilities. She encourages them to develop their “courage muscle” and take a leap of faith. By joining Passionpreneur Mentorship, not only can they experience personal growth, but their families and communities can also benefit from the positive impact.

In conclusion, Dr. Priya Nema’s journey from dentist to smilepreneur is a testament to the power of self-belief, personal growth, and community support. Her determination to transform her own life and the lives of others showcases the potential within each individual to achieve greatness.

We congratulate Dr. Priya Nema on her remarkable accomplishments and wish her continued success on her passion-driven journey! May her story inspire many more to follow their dreams and unleash their true potential as Passionpreneurs.

Dr.Priya’s Journey Before and  After Passionpreneur

Dev Gadhvi Review – Dr.Priya Nema

Before PassionpreneurAfter Passionpreneur
Fixed mindset, blaming external factorsGrowth mindset, takes responsibility for growth
Lacked knowledge of clinical businessImproved communication, offers, and trust-building skills
Felt disconnected from business aspectAchieved recognition in dental community
Limited self-awareness and spiritualityBecame more conscious and awakened
Focused on own clinic, limited visionAims to contribute to city development
Limited collaboration with other doctorsEmbraced collaboration and expanded horizons
Inconsistent results, struggledAchieved significant revenue growth and success
Doubted capabilities, uncertain futureUnstoppable, confident in dominating the market
Normal family dynamics, average impactEnhanced relationships, family growth
No aspirations for book authorshipAspires to author a book on smile transformation
Mediocre progress, lacking clarityProfound transformation, clear vision for future


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