Unveiling the Extraordinary Journey of Brijesh Sharma: From IT Professional to Passionate Entrepreneur

Welcome to another captivating edition of Passionpreneur Success Stories! Today, we have the privilege of diving into the inspiring journey of Brijesh Sharma, a dynamic individual who has not only conquered the realm of IT but has also ventured into the world of hospitality and coaching. Brijesh’s story is a testament to the transformative power of the Passionpreneur Mentorship program, where he found the guidance and support to turn his dreams into reality.

From IT Professional to Multi-Business Owner: A Remarkable Transition

Brijesh, who hails from Delhi NCR, spent around 28 to 30 years in the IT industry before making a significant shift in his career trajectory. Embracing the teachings of Passionpreneur, he delved into various business ventures, including hospitality and coaching. What sets Brijesh apart is his unwavering determination to break free from the conventional career mold and explore diverse opportunities.

In his own words, “Especially after joining Passionpreneur, it increased multiple times. So right now, I’m completely involved in different businesses from different areas related to IT and hospitality and even some coaching.”

passion and entrepreneurship

Overcoming Challenges with Passionpreneur Mentorship

Every success story has its share of challenges, and Brijesh was no exception. He candidly shared a pivotal moment before joining the Passionpreneur Mentorship program when he was on the verge of giving up on his business. However, a two-day masterclass session with Dev sir turned the tide. Brijesh’s perspective shifted, and he went from contemplating selling his business to confidently declaring his vision of becoming a crorepati within two years.

Reflecting on this transformation, Brijesh stated, “And after that, when I just joined Passionpreneur, because the next day that Passion master class was there, after just even on that second day itself, I changed my sentence completely.”

Financial Success Beyond Expectations

Brijesh’s journey with Passionpreneur not only revitalized his mindset but also significantly impacted his financial landscape. Before joining the program, his hospitality business struggled to generate enough income. However, within just eight months of implementing the program’s teachings, he saw a remarkable turnaround.

“In the last one year, approximately before that, hardly I was able to make one lakh, hardly, which was not even enough for paying salary or expenses for one month. And just after that, now I think only just eight months, I have made already more than 10 lakhs from that business itself.”

The financial transformation didn’t stop there. Brijesh received an offer to lease his hotel for more than 30 lakhs, demonstrating the tangible impact of Passionpreneur Mentorship on his business ventures.

Seizing Opportunities: A Consultant with an IT Company

One of the unexpected turns in Brijesh’s journey was the opportunity to become a consultant with an IT company. His passion for IT and artificial intelligence became a catalyst for a partnership where he would lead the company with complete freedom. This incredible opportunity arose organically, reinforcing the idea that when you align with your passion, opportunities present themselves.

Empowered Decision-Making and Business Clarity

Brijesh attributes a significant part of his success to the clarity and guidance he received from the Passionpreneur Mentorship program. He emphasized the program’s effectiveness in breaking down complex business decisions, planning strategies, and providing valuable insights.

“The way they’ve explained everything, how to calculate business, how to calculate risk, how to plan every step, how to plan the business, how to execute, how to sell every step of the business. They explained so well with the tools, with the exercises that it is completely crystal clear where actually we are making mistakes.”

Transformative Impact on Personal Life

Beyond financial success and business growth, Brijesh highlighted the profound impact Passionpreneur Mentorship had on his personal life. He shared a touching story of how financial troubles had strained his relationship with his wife before joining the program. However, the mindset shift and learnings from Dev sir’s sessions transformed their lives dramatically.

“Even my wife told me many times that I’m really thankful and I’m really grateful to them. So please pass my regards to him that he changed my life completely.”

Elevating Mindset and Personal Development

Brijesh emphasized the holistic approach of Passionpreneur Mentorship, which extends beyond business and encompasses personal development, mindset shift, and overall well-being. He described how the program instilled a continuous sense of self-awareness, making him more conscious of his actions and decisions.

“Now I’m not that Brijesh which actually was. I’m an entirely different person.”

Passing on the Passionpreneur Legacy

Inspired by his own transformation, Brijesh has become an advocate for Passionpreneur Mentorship. He has created a group where he shares insights and experiences with like-minded individuals, fostering a community of mutual growth and support. This ripple effect is a testament to the program’s enduring impact.

“I just want to share one more thing. By getting inspiration from Passionpreneur, we have made another group where around eight to ten people share everything with them, even personal business. Everybody is getting so beneficial from that group.”

The Next Chapter: Passionpreneur Millionaire League

As Brijesh sets his sights on the Passionpreneur Millionaire League, his ultimate goal is not just financial success but a lifelong alignment with the Passionpreneur community. His commitment to continuous learning and sharing reflects the deep impact this program has had on his life.

“My next goal is to be eligible as soon as possible for Passionpreneur ML. I want to be with this particular community for my entire life that I have already decided.”

In conclusion, Brijesh Sharma’s journey is an embodiment of resilience, transformation, and the limitless possibilities that unfold when passion meets purpose. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the extraordinary outcomes achievable through the Passionpreneur Mentorship program. As Brijesh continues to evolve and create, we eagerly anticipate the chapters of success he is yet to script in his entrepreneurial journey.

Before and after Passionpreneur journey  of Brijesh Sharma : 

Dev Gadhvi Review – Brijesh Sharma

Before PassionpreneurAfter Passionpreneur
IT professional for 28-30 years.IT professional, running multiple businesses in IT, hospitality, and coaching. Transitioned from a struggling hotel business to a successful venture.
Earning hardly one lakh per year, financial troubles.Earned more than 10 lakhs in just eight months from one business. Offered a lease for the same hotel at over 30 lakhs. Financially stable, earning 30 lakhs per annum.
Experienced demotivation and considered selling the business. Joined Passionpreneur for a change.A significant mindset shift. From contemplating selling the business to confidently declaring a goal of becoming a crorepati. A more disciplined and focused approach to life.
Had a hotel in Uttarakhand with a passive income motive.Transitioned to aligning business with passions. Partnered in an IT company, pursuing interests in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Planning to run an IT company and an educational venture.
Financial troubles affected personal life, strained relationship with wife.Dramatic improvement in personal life. Wife expresses gratitude for the positive changes. More harmonious relationships.
Limited exposure to holistic life teachings. Not aware of the importance of aspects beyond career or financials.Comprehensive learning and growth. Gained insights into balancing all aspects of life for fulfillment. Discovered the importance of writing a book and public speaking.
Limited business success. Struggled financially in the hospitality business.Successfully running three businesses simultaneously. Significant improvements in decision-making, prioritization, and business planning.
Limited influence on others.Actively sharing knowledge and experience, contributing to the growth and success of a group of 8-10 people.
Not part of Passionpreneur Millionaire League.Aspires to be eligible for Passionpreneur ML, expressing a long-term commitment to the community and its principles.
passion and entrepreneurship


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