What Type of Person Are You?

I realized that there are 2 types of people I have met in my life….

1st type:

  • People who make things happen, no matter what…
  • People who will follow their dreams
  • People who will not take no for an answer
  • People who will not wait for other’s validation or approval to build their life around passion
  • People who will surround themselves with visionaries and smarter people
  • People who will not stop at any hurdle…
  • People who will never accept a mediocre 9to5 donkey life…

2nd type:

  • People who will watch others grow in life
  • People who will wonder why are they living an average life
  • People who will keep worrying about petty money
  • People who will not trust others even though other person is ready to help
  • People who will never spend time, money and effort in learning from people who have done it
  • People who will die living an average life!

Question is, which type of person are you?

I have been both type of people. I was 2nd kind of person for more than 13 years till I found my passion and my mentors like Dan Lok!

I want to be that mentor to millions and help them design their 6 Sundays a Week Life just the way I did!

If you are yet to attend my workshop…then get ready to have your mind blown! 🙂

It was amazing to spend time with Pune Radisson Blue workshop participants.

I have handpicked few who I will be personally mentoring and helping them to transform their lives. You have my commitment!

People who are on the edge, thinking whether or not, Dev is the right person to mentor me….let me tell you, probably not, probably you will be able to change your life on your own or probably continue living the life that you have been living..who knows…only time will tell!

Either way, I wish you well!

But one thing I have learned in my life, 

“There is never a right time, we have to make the time right” 

I know that nothing would have changed my life if I would not have changed!

There is no Tomorrow and I mean it!

I wish you the best in life!

Check out the Workshop Pics and spot yourself! – Workshop Photos Link


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