Listen to this if you feel depressed!

One of the guy on social media came to me….

And shared that he has “lost” his job.

And now he is “depressed”

As it was the only source of income he had.

After listening to him, i remember my own journey…

I was working in a job for 16 long years….

Working for pay check to pay check…

But then i realised, what if i get fired one day…?

How will i manage my finances and the requirement of my family…?

I know there are so many people facing the same problem and feeling the same way.

In this episode, I have shared how to come out of the depression zone and how to convert your current situation to becoming something better than before.

I have also talked about how your decisions matter in your current situation.

Listen the full episode to know more in detail.


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I would love to see you there.

With Love

Dev Gadhvi


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How to overcome the feeling of depression? In this episode, I have shared what is