How Sugeeta Madan Made Rs.37 Lakhs+ In 1 Deal? | Passionpreneur Superstar Interviews

Recently I was interviewing one of my passionpreneur mentees – Sugeeta Madan.


Her journey is really inspiring…


She was working 25+ years in a job…


And finally, she left the job and started her own business following her passion!


Recently she got one of her BIGGEST deals earning 37 lakhs just from 1 deal!


Was it easy at all?


Hell no.


She has come across a LOT of challenges but every single time, she found a way to overcome them…


I strongly recommend you to listen to this…


Here’s the quick timestamp of the interview:


03:00 – The journey of quitting her job and becoming a Passionpreneur


07:00 – After joining the passionpreneur mastermind, what are her biggest takeaways?


11:00 – Advice to all the people who hesitate to follow their passion and easily get influenced by the negative feedback of other people.


12:40 – In the last 1 year what are the dark swamps she came across and how did she overcome them?


14:52 – #1 Tip to all the people who really have the hunger to grow in life, but do not have money.


16:01 – She closed 37 Lakhs for her business after joining Passionpreneur Mastermind! How did she do it?


18:58 – How long did Sugeeta take to find her passion?


22:19 – #1 Advice I gave to Sugeeta which helped her to transform her personality


26:35 – One piece of advice from Sugeeta So if you want to follow your passion but are not sure about how to do it… I think this interview will give you a lot of inspiration and insights!


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