How Fatha Khan DOUBLED His Income Within 1 Year | Passionpreneur Superstar Interviews

He’s one of the Superstars who’ve went from being bullied in the childhood, not knowing what to do in life to doubling his income within just 1 short year.

Here’re the quick timestamp of the interview:


01:59 – Who’s Fatha Khan?

03:40 – Challenges Fatha experienced in his childhood

05:44 – How did a person went from low esteem to transforming his life completely in the last 2 years?

07:30 – #1 Realisation Fatha had which led him to this transformation journey

09:07 – What happened when he attended the 3 days Passionpreneur Summit in 2019

12:22 – The one big AHA moment Fatha had which turned him from NEVER being on social media to now becoming an Influencer

13:10 – What did Fatha achieved in the last 1 year?

13:47 – What does success mean to Fatha? (different than what most people think!)

15:38 – Best advice for the people who are afraid to quit their Job, but want to really follow their passion.

17:41 – He failed in 11 subjects out of 14 in his studies…

19:05 – Story of how Fatha “borrowed my belief” which made a HUGE impact in his life…

20:21 – How to build up your “courage muscle”

22:44 – What’s Fatha Mission and Vision in life for the next few years?

26:33 – Advice to all the people who really have the hunger to grow in their life, but do not have money.

29:40 – Why taking ownership of yourself is SO important, otherwise you might be out of the game!

31:00 – After quitting his job… what happened?

33:30 – What were the dark swamps he faced in his journey, after quitting his job? And how did he overcome them?

40:10 – The #1 attitude Fatha has which makes him very different

42:14 – The guiding principles which Fatha is following that brought him to where he is today…

So if you’re looking to start something on your own…

But you’re not sure if you should do it or not…

Or you have different worries or things you’re afraid of…

I highly suggest you listen to this interview.

Fatha’s story will give you a lot of insights and inspiration


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