No Money in Training and Coaching

I heard this when I was starting my business an a Mentor. They said that there is no money in coaching and training.

Yes they are right….

There is no money because people act as generalist

There is no money because trainer never understands the importance of sales and marketing

There is no money because a trainer focuses only on training and not becoming an entrepreneur

There is no money because a trainer has either no books or have mediocre books

There is no money because trainers don’t understand how the sales funnel works

There is no money because trainers just provide information and don’t care about transformation 

There is no money because trainers still trade time for money 

There is no money because trainers have only low ticket value items and don’t focus on high price program 

There is no money because trainers talk the talk but don’t walk the talk

There is no money because trainers don’t understand how to automate things

And I was one of those who struggled in initial period of my career

Here are the things I learnt to build my mentoring business and made over 1 Crore within 20 months:

  • Art of Persuasion

This is where I learn how to inspire people to follow you. Creating value in the marketplace before asking them to invest in my program.

  • Sales

Spent over 6.5 Lakhs in learning sales from Grant Cardone and Dan Lok. This is one of the reason why I could skyrocket my business. I mastered the art of closing deals for Rs. 3.5 Lakh and above. I recently had a corporate client who paid me over Rs. 10Lakhs only for 24 hours of training their team over a period of 6 months

  • Marketing

This is the art of getting attention from your potential buyers and providing value in advance. Just because of this art I never had to make a cold call and push people to buy from me. When they were ready, they just showed up.

  • Branding & Positioning 

Why do some coaches charge Rs.10000 for some service where as few could charge Rs. 1 Lakh or even 10 Lakhs for same service? It is because of the brand they have built.

  • Funnel building

Most of the coaches and trainers do not understand the power of build the funnels that convert.

For instance, my 1 Crore Coach funnel that we ran for 3 months covered Rs. 60 Lakhs in the first campaign and Rs. 1 Crore for second campaign. Of course a lot goes into build it but it is all worth it.

  • High Ticket Product creation

I started testing low cost products/services at the beginning but soon I realise that this is not the effective way of building a coaching and mentoring business. I stopped all that and started a new campaign called Passionpreneur Mastermind which started with Rs. 1lakh fees per student. This is what got me time freedom and ultimately financial freedom. I got paid Rs. 3.5 Lakh for even 2 hours keynote speech.

  • Automation using systems

Imagine you making crores but not having time to enjoy your life. What is the point of living then?

Systems and Processes help you to automate everything so that you and I can live a 6 Sundays A Week Life. You need to learn how to build landing pages, email automation etc.

  • Writing a Best Impacting Book and Marketing it

When I was writing a book, I asked myself, what kind of book am I going to write? Best Selling or Best Impacting.

I found the answer and I wrote a best impacting book which made me over Rs. 6 lakhs in 2018 and Rs. 5 lakhs in 2019. Now I am going to launch my second book called 6 Sundays A Week Life.

  • Social Media Branding

I learnt how the social media works starting from Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook etc. It took me some time but I build over 1 Lakh followers on social media. Every time I launched new product I did not have to search for the buyers. This is the power of Social Media Branding.

  • Running webinars and workshops

Very few trainers understand the power of running multiple webinars and workshops. I not only learnt these by trying and testing but mastered the art of filling the rooms.

  • Closing from the stage

Everything would have been a waste if I would have not learnt the art of closing from the stage. This is by far one of the super power that I had acquired.

I know all this is a lot of work but trust me, I am not the smartest person. Anyone could do what I have done. I could just learn it from right people who have been there and done it. I struggled to acquire those skills hence I wanted to create a mentorship program to help people fast track their growth.

This is why I build my mentorship program to help my mentees to not only learn these but also to execute them along with me and my team.

Learn to become an Entrepreneur or Passionpreneur so that you do not struggle as a trainer!

P.S: I am conducing a 5 week Social Media Mastery Online Program to teach how to build the Organic Followers and Built a Brand. It usually costs over Rs. 3.15 but the early bird offer is of 94% off. So, you can learn it for only Rs. 18999!

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To your transformation,

Dev Gadhvi – India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor

#1 Best Selling Author

TEDx and JoshTalks Speaker

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