Key Skills to Acquire to Become a Passionpreneur!

Once I met a trainer who was in training business for more than 15 years.

I asked him – “So, how is the business?”

He replied – “I love what I am doing but the problem is, it is hard to get people in the room”

Indirectly, he was telling me that he doesn’t know the art of marketing.

When I was transitioning from 9to5 job to becoming a Passionpreneur I didn’t know this.

There are a different set of skills required for 9to5 and for Passionpreneur.

Most of the trainers, coaches, consultants focus on acquiring technical skills whereas ignoring the other skills required to become a businessman.

Imagine a great trainer who never got exposed to the world. Someone who just got known to selected few and died. What a waste of human potential. He could have changed many lives but just because he did not know marketing, he did not get discovered by the world.

The solution is – Stop being a technical person only and learn Entrepreneurship!

How? By acquiring new skills that are required for an Entrepreneur and Passionpreneur

Here is how I started acquiring skills step by step when I transitioned from 9to5 to Passionpreneur:

·        Sales Skills

·        Marketing Skills

·        Social Media Skills

·        Video Editing Skills

·        Writing Skills – Articles and Books

·        Public Speaking Skills

·        Copywriting skills

·        Funnel and email marketing

·        Ads and more

I spent more than Rs. 12-14 Lakhs on just learning these skills. 10 times more than my entire formal education I guess 🙂

But each rupee spent has made me thousands. Just because of that I could build a business around passion within 20 months and made 1 crore as a mentor!

If you are new to Entrepreneurship or planning to get into it then be ready to acquire a new set of skills because what got you here will not get you where you want to reach.

Skills that you acquired in 9to5 are not enough when you get into Entrepreneurship or when you become a Passionpreneur

Do not get overwhelmed, here are some tips on how you can win this!

Here are some hacks:

1.     Acquire one skill at a time –

Do not hop from one skill to another. Be a focused learner. For example, learn sales for a few weeks, master it and then go and learn other skills.

If you are learning sales then read all the sales books, watch all the sales training videos, enrol for sales course etc.

There is nothing called multitasking because only 3% of people can do multitasking successfully. I know I am not one of them!

2.     Outsource things if possible –

You may not like to edit videos as this is not your strength. You may hire a video editor who can do a better job but I still suggest you learn it even if you do not want to do it because how else you will know that the hired person is doing a good job or not?

3.     Implement relentlessly –

When I learn things, I just can’t wait to implement things. There have been times when I get a thought or learn a lesson and I implement it right away.

Speed is power!

4.     Repetition –

Like any skills that you want to learn, repetition is the only way to master it. So, have at least 30 mins set aside to implement and practice daily.

5.     Learn from a Doer –

Learn only from the person who has achieved the results you are looking to achieve. Do not go to a preacher or a trainer but find the doer who has recently made it as he will understand you better!

I hope this helps and if it does then do give it thumbs up and leave your comment below that will encourage me to share more secrets!

Aha moments are welcome 🙂

Thank you

Dev Gadhvi – India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor

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