How to Build 6-7 Figure Income with 0 Investment! (Rs.60 Lakhs – Rs.6 Crore)

  • I used to think that we need money to make money!
  • I used to think that we must be blessed with extraordinary skills to make 6 or 7 figure income (Rs.60 lakhs or Rs.6 Crore)!
  • I used to think that I will never be able to multiply my income several times within a period of 2 years!
  • I used to think that having multiple income sources is a very very complicated process!

Guess what? – I was wrong!

Ever since I studied and interviewed millionaires like Dan Lok, Evan Carmichael, Tony J Hughes, and others, I realized – It does not take money to make money, nor does it require any extraordinary talent like singing, acting, dancing, sports, etc.

What it takes is the Passion, knowledge/Skills, resourcefulness and willingness to serve others!

I lived only on a single source of income for more than 13 years whereas, it just took me 2 years to build multiple streams of income from Coaching, Mentoring, Books, Workshops, Online Training Products, Membership programs and hence, I grew my income over 6 figures and soon to be 7 figures!

Best part, I was able to build multiple streams of income doing what I love the most without quitting my job!

Who would not like to have that? 😊

I know, I am not alone who had this late realization. There are millions of people who are still living with a singular mindset which prevents them to explore their passion and potential

  • They only know how to make money by exchanging their time!
  • They feel that they need to be extraordinary to make 6 figure (over Rs. 60 Lakh) income!
  • They are still waiting for a miracle to happen!

I truly believe anyone can become rich and have 6 or even 7 figure income!

Now, before your Judgmental mind says, “Dev, if it was so simple to make 6 figure income then everyone would be rich”, let me tell you – Yes, anyone can become rich but guess what, people are not willing to change.

Let me prove it to you!

Take a moment to think and Imagine your daily routine:

  • What do you do in the morning every day?
  • What do you do at work every day?
  • Who do you hang out with every day?
  • What do you do once you are back home every day?

90% of your days are the same.

You hang around with same people every day and do an exact same thing.

Agree? – No!

Let me try one more time!

Simple task – Try brushing with your other hand. Difficult, right?

This is the reason why most of the people are reluctant to change and get caught up in a rat race of doing exactly the same thing over and over again. No wonder they are not making 6 or 7 figure income!

They do not want to learn new things and most importantly they do not take action after learning!

For sure, the secrets that I am planning to share with you will not make you rich overnight but it is guaranteed to change your life and help you earn 6 figure income!

Now, if anyone tells you that he/she can help you double your income with one big investment overnight…I say…Runnnnnnnn!!

I am not going to share anything about investing in stocks, bonds, real estate or even network marketing. Except for network marketing, everything requires money anyways!

I have no idea about those and don’t want to preach what I don’t know!

But, here is what I can show you:

  • What if instead of acquiring assists, you could create your own assets?
  • What if instead of working in someone else’s business, you could build your own?
  • What if I showed you my secrets that can help you to make 6 figure income?

Now, again if your cynical brains are wondering, “Dev, why would you share your secrets for free?

Let me share my life story in brief:

I was born in a very humble family. My dad was a truck driver and mom a housewife.

They sold our home, jewelry, and even took loan to make my brother and I study in an English medium school in Kutch, Gujarat (India)

Despite my English school education, I struggled to speak in English for many years and almost got fired from my job but today, I am a keynote speaker, best-selling author, passionpreneur, high ticket closer and a financial freedom expert who is helping lots of people to convert their passion into a business. Best of all, I make more than 6 figures and will soon be 7 figures!

I know the value of money and the pain people go through because of having a single source of income for their whole life, only to retire with a pension and a provident fund in the old age!

Hence, I do not want anyone to lose their precious time and live a mediocre life!

I truly believe, we only win when we help others to win. More lives I can impact, more valuable and fulfilled my life will be!

I want to help people to Live Rich Than Die Rich!

If you too are someone like me, you would agree that getting rich is our duty, obligation, and responsibility.

Money is Power. More money you have, more people you can help!

If you have been following me for some time, then you already know that my mission is to inspire, empower and transform 10 million lives!

I know you deserve more than what you are getting from your life and I want you to be 1 of those millions, whom I help to transform!

I want you to join me for a free live online webinar to learn my secrets on how to make money using your passion and skills, without any monetary investment.

It will be Live on 10th Feb 2018 at 8:30 pm IST (10 am EST). Do not miss it because I may not do it again!

Since this is a Free Webinar, I prefer not to spend money on an advertisement, instead use the same money to help a needy person (CareNation Street Vendors Initiative).

So, I need your help to spread the word to all the deserving people organically!

Here is what I need you to do to get the registration link: (READ CAREFULLY)

1)     Leave a comment saying “Interested”

2)     Tag at least 2 of your friends who need to see this article!

3)     Share the article and tag me as well!

My team will verify these 3 things and will send the webinar registration link to you.

Do not forget to send me a connection request, if not done already!

The registration link will be active only for a short period of time!

Looking to have only selective committed people!

I will see you live on 10th Feb!

Transforming lives with care,

Dev Gadhvi

If you are in Pune, I want you to register for my full day workshop in Hotel Hindustan International.

Check out the link for details and registration:



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