Hi Dev, Sushmita hea

Friday night, I was going to watch a movie and suddenly my phone vibrates. I open the WhatsApp and find a long message, I was like “O boy! This is a long message” 🙂

It was so long that I decided to skip it for now and focus on the movie!

Finally, I got time to read through the entire message from a person whom I have never met, yet I feel so happy to know her now via social media

Her message reads:

“Hi Dev, Sushmita hea!

I just finished your book and it has really helped me feel that not being content in life is good.

All my life I did what my parents thought was best for me, as I didn’t have any passion nor aim in life.

They listened to other people’s advises as they lacked knowledge and I believe that’s what commonly happens in our “Indian society”.

People tend to give advises even if they have less knowledge and we take it thinking that is right. I am among those people who only study one day before the exam and scored good marks.

I did my BCA even though I wasn’t interested in computers but as I scored good marks and as I believe nothing is impossible, I completed it with good marks.

After completing my graduation, to go on the right track, I thought I will do MBA in HR and marketing but again my parents after hearing voices of many Joe advised me to go with Finance (accha opportunities milaga beta).

After my MBA I even got my first job in Dubai but my parents’ joe mentality dominated over moe mentality and I decided not to go.

I worked in Pune for 1yr at FIS but the job wasn’t something I was passionate about. I was doing good but wasn’t content.

As my parents wanted me to come to Sikkim and work for govt job. Since I wasn’t happy with the job and I was completed brainstormed by my parents, I came back to Sikkim and currently I am working with a Pharma Company as a Purchase Executive.

Now, I have to say it’s the best job as I have 8 hrs job, friendly faces, recreation activities but I feel I have more to me and the Moe in me will die if I stay here and Joe will stay forever.

After reading your book, I have decided to go to Pune, hunt for a job and then take my passion for makeup, cooking and clothes forward.

I have even started watching your videos and its so inspiring and am also circulating your book to my friends so that they also get enlighted.

Thanks for the enlightenment and I look forward to attending your seminar and also meet u someday”


Note to Sushmita:

Thank you, Sushmita for your lovely note and I am glad that we both have recognized that Joe Mentality is killing our dreams. I can relate to how you feel because I have been there in your shoes

I wish you a great transformation and I will always be there to guide you through your learning curve.

It is time for you to follow your dreams and live the best of life!

“Nothing in Life will Change Untill We Change”

Note to the readers:

I know Susmita is not the only person who has found what was missing in her life through this “Aha moment”. There are millions of people who are waiting for that life-changing thought, quote, light bulb or Aha moment but fail to recognize it despite the life throwing enough clues at them.

Pay attention to your calling and transform your life. If my book can be that moment for you then be it!

Please join me to wish Sushmita the best in her future endeavors!

What advice would you like to give her?

Thank you, everyone, for showing much love and support for my efforts!


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