Don’t Listen to Your Friends and Family!

“Dev, you have not grown in last 2-3 years. You are still the same since you started. I think you need to become a better entrepreneur!” – Said a my good friend who saw my passionpreneur mentor journey from the beginning…

His words were like a dagger in my heart!

He has been a good advocate and gave me few good suggestions at the start of my journey!

While I love him, respect him and wish the world for him…. I cannot make him change the filter he has been using to see me…

To him I have not grown as a person and as an Entrepreneur…

We parted ways in our professional relationship!

Many will try to impose their own thoughts and beliefs on you based on their filters…

It is you who needs to really understand what feedbacks and criticism to entertain and which to ignore!

I am glad, I did not listen to him this time like initial days!

Clearly, I am not the same person who I was in 2018. People may have not upgraded their filters to look at new you because it is like an Iceberg!


In last 3 years:

Wrote two best selling books, loved by thousands of people. “80%Mindset 20%Skills” & “6 Sundays A Week Life!”

Grown the followers 150000+

  • YouTube Subscribers = 94K+ (2.6 Mil views in last 1 year)
  • Linkedin Followers = 45K+
  • Insta = 7.5K+
  • FB Group = 4K+
  • FB Page = 10K+
  • Email List = 28K+


Invested Rs. 40Lakh+ in self development!


Built the systems and processes in the business!

Built a team of Advisors and Closers. No other influencer has built such team of High Ticket Advisors and Closers in India yet!


Created new leaders who became our partners in Passionpreneur & 1CC!


Lots of mentees doubled their incomes within 12 to 14 months!


Reached more than 3 Million people in 30 days via paid traffic!


500+ new people joining the paid webinars every week:


More than 50% mentees have got great results in the form of they quitting their jobs, finding their passion, identifying their niche, creating their products, getting their first deal from passion, launching their books, mastering the art of closing big deals, running their webinars, building their podcasts and much more! (Will be sharing a detailed article soon)


TEDx and JoshTalks Speech:


Online Millionaire Summit – Shared the virtual stage with India’s Top Digital Marketing Experts:


Went from 0 to Rs.3.57 crore revenue in just 2 years of being in business…


How can all this grow without me growing?

How can all this grow without adding more value to the market place?

How can all this grow without having a bigger impact on people?

“Only you know how much you are worth, because no one is watching your daily growth” – Dev Gadhvi

Do not accept other people’s beliefs and criticism….especially if they have not earned their war stripes. So what if they are your best friends, sibling or even your parents?

Love them unconditionally but think 100 times before you take their advice!

I still love him and wish him well!

Listen to your heart and keep working on yourself and helping people, let others think and do what they want to do!

Next two Big Announcements will shake up the self development industry in India.…!

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts 😉


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