Book Writing Myths

1.    I need to be amazing at written English

2.    I have to be a master of my subject

3.    I need to have many years of experience to write a book

4.    Book writing is so complicated

5.    Not sure if people would be interested in my story

6.    Everything has been covered in previous books, so why do I need to write it

7.    I have to start writing the book from the top to bottom

When I started writing my first book 80%Mindset 20%Skills, I had no idea about book writing..

I had some of those myths, but as I continued to write it and after finishing it in 18 months, I realized how easy it was to just write a book

In this article, I am not going to show you how to write a book but I am going to break the myths that are preventing you from starting to write a book and finish it

1.    I need to be amazing at written English

I was terrible at English and I still am when it comes to writing. I am so bad that I have thousands of grammatical errors and sentence formation mistakes

I should not be sharing this but I think if I have to inspire you then I need to be honest and show you the real picture that other coaches hesitate to show

Here are some of the snapshots of the next book that I am releasing in August 2019. It is called “6 Sundays A Week Life”

As you see, the editor has to work really hard to fix all my messy English writing

If this doesn’t inspire you then I am not sure what will

2.    I need to be master of my subject

Now, being a master is very subjective isn’t it?

I can be a master for you but may not be for someone else.

“Mastery of your expertise is subjective to a perception in other person’s mind” – Dev Gadhvi

You do need to be good at what you are doing but as long as you can add value to others who are below you in terms of knowledge, then you have my permission to go ahead and write that book you always wanted to write!

When I wrote my first book 80%Mindset 20%Skills, do you think I was master at mindset? No, I learnt lots of things, I researched lots of things, I modelled lots of writers, I used a few things from some great books.

At the end what matters is how much value can you add to your readers and not how much mastery you have in the topic

Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely aim to be the best though!

3.    I need to have many years of experience to write a book

There is always someone who says that I need to follow what I preach for many years before I write a book.

Well, definitely you need to have experience but you do not need a decade of experience.

I wrote my book when I was only a few months into mindset etc, hence my book also evolved along with my evolutions of the topic.

If I would have waited for 3 years and then start writing the book then it would have still not launched, and forget about impacting other’s lives!

Start writing and continue to gain experience in your field.

4.    Book writing is so complicated

Yes, so is to build a rocket. But you are not making a rocket. All you are doing is documenting your thoughts in a structured manner.

What is a book?

It is nothing but 20 big articles put together. If you are aiming at writing the best selling book with 60k plus words then you will definitely get stuck and will never finish the book.

What is the solution?

How do you eat an Elephant? – One bite at a time.

So, focus on writing a few lines daily and soon you will see your book becoming a piece of a cake

5.    Not sure if people would be interested in my story

Yeah right, I used to think the same. Why would someone want to read my story?

Reality check –

How many people are living in your country?

How many of those people know what you know?

How many of them even write articles about the same?

How many of them are living the life that you are living?

Chances are you are better than 70% of the population.

How do I know it? Because, if you were not then you would not be reading this article so far and watching some entertaining videos!

Right? So give yourself some credit that you deserve and share your story that many people need to hear!

6.    Everything has been covered in previous books, so why do I need to write it?

Ok, let me ask you this?

Do you have various restaurants in your city serving all types of cuisines?

Yes, then why do you think still a new restaurant pops up somewhere in the city?

I think you know the answer!

So, write the book because you are unique, the way you share your thoughts are unique, your story is unique, your mission is unique!

7.    I have to start writing the book from the top to bottom

I used to think that I have to start from the top of the book and continue writing the book until the end.

I was so wrong!

Once you have the structure of the book that is divided into different sections then you can write any section that you want.

At the last stage of book writing you will anyways review the flow of the book and reorder the book to get the desired result, isn’t it?

If a guy like me can write a book and become the best selling author then I am sure anyone can. Check out my book review on Amazon – Link

What are the other myths people have?

Share it with me below!

Happy to help!

The last tip – Do not just focus on writing a book because you as an entrepreneur need to learn various things like building your brand, identifying your target market, content creation strategy, building your tribe, sales and marketing strategies etc.

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Would it help if I write another article on how to write a book and another article on how to market your book?

Thank you,

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