Are We Truly Free or Slave to 9to5?

As we Indians celebrate our 72nd Independent Day, a thought came to my mind

Great freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Chandrashekhar Azad, Bismil, Mangal Pandey and many others fought very hard and even laid down their lives for our freedom…


How many of us got our true freedom?

Freedom to live the way we want to…

Freedom to do what we want to…

Freedom to travel where we want to and when we want to…

Freedom to follow our heart (Passion)….

Freedom from the 9to5 Life…

Did you think about it?

There are more than 256 million people living in middle-class in India as per one survey and majority are slaves to 9to5 life as they just live for survival and comfort!

When are we going to get freedom from a bonded life?

When will we get freedom from a mediocre mindset?

When will we truly live a life called 6 Sundays A Week?

I think the time is now to start working on building your true independent life…

We are living in such a revolutionary times where making money has become so easy…

Social media has been a blessing for many and no wonder new age millionaires are in their early 20s who need no capital, no factories, no employees, no office, etc. as compared to Rockefeller brothers, Henry Fords and Carnegies of the Industrial Age!

Now to make money and have our freedom, all we need is the ideas and find ways to impact others with it

Airbnb, Uber, Flipkart, Amazon are some classic examples who leveraged ideas and converted them into huge billion dollar businesses

But, how can a person like us can start on the journey to a free life?

Start with your Mindset and then focus on Skillset….because 80% is Mindset 20% is Skills

Here is how:

Step 1: Realization…

Majority of people do not even realize that they are still bonded white collar slaves working day and night to help others get rich

They are yet to realize that they are not using their full potential because they are having a fatal disease called “Average”

I was one of those people for 33 years. Despite being born in a humble family and seeing my dad drive a truck for his whole life, I lived with a mediocre mindset until I read some life transforming books like The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone

It made me realized that I was being selfish for doing only little in my life and not using my full potential

This realization alone made a huge difference to my life

Realize that there is life beyond 9to5 and there are ways to make money by exchanging value for money and not time!

Step 2: Transformation…

“Knowing is not enough, doing something about it is”

You know that average is a failing formula

You know that there are better ways to make money than trading time for it

You know that you have great skills, knowledge, etc

You know that having a millionaire habits are important


No action will result in no freedom!

Here is how I started my transformation ever since I realized I was living with an Average Mindset

I spent thousands of hours studying millionaires, listening to audio books, interviewing them, investing Rs. 14 Lakh in their courses

20 months of effort helped me to become great at what I was doing, which is Sales, Mindset, Passion and helped me to become India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor

I also shared my step by step transformation in my bestselling book – 80%Mindset 20%Skills. Amazon Link

Step 3: Sustain…

Would you like to become healthy and have a great body only to become fat again after few months?

I am sure not…

Same with our freedom…

Achieving it is one thing but sustaining it is another

It requires massive action to keep growing and start making difference to others as well

Here is what I did to sustain my momentum

Built my communities like CareNation, Sell with Care and Passionpreneurs on WhatsApp where I do regular knowledge sharing. This not only helped them but helped me to always stay on top of my game as I need to produce new content everyday

Kept investing in self development. I still attend workshops and trainings quite often to keep myself in the unstoppable zone. Sifu Dan Lok’s HTC family has been a great source in that!

Mastered the art of Writing, Speaking, Closing, Copywriting, Marketing, etc

I am blessed to be speaking at events like TEDx, IIT Madras.

As India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor, I am blessed to be able to helping others to transform their lives

Collaborating with international influencers to impact more people

Find ways to build multiple streams of income and focus on passive income a lot

Key to all this is to find your mission, vision and passion. Once you do that you will automatically start operating at the highest level of your own potential

If you can continue on this journey, you will soon achieve your true freedom, which is freedom from 9to5 life and build 6 Sundays a Week life. More secrets in my upcoming book “6 Sundays a Week Life”

Feel free to join my full day online workshops to understand my secrets to building 6 Sundays a Week life in detail!

“Stop Settling for Weekend Freedom” – Dev Gadhvi


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